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Doukhobor collection
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This sub-series consists of various documents that relate to the administration and the day to day operations of the CCBRD as organization representing some members of the Doukhobor community in British Columbia. This sub-series includes: correspondence of the CCBRD; its Fraternal Council; correspondence of the individuals members on behalf of the organizations; correspondence with the Canadian government officials; applications; statements; petitions; open letters; financial records; land related records; press releases; newspaper clippings; photographs; writings of the CCBRD and its members. This sub-series also contains documents relating to the CCBRD relationship with other organizations within the Doukhobor community, such as the Sons of Freedom and the USCC. Many records in this sub-series were kept in confidence by the Fraternal Council and only some of these records were made public as photocopies by the Fraternal Council during the Kootenay Conference in the late 1970s-1980s.


This file contains original manuscript and/or typescript letters and affidavits dated from 1940s to 1970s. The subject of these files is acts of violence committed by the Sons of Freedom, particularly by women, attested to in these documents as being directly and indirectly ordered by J. J. Verigin. Although copies of some of these were presented to the Doukhobor Research Committee, as well as to the Court, no action was ever brought against Verigin, though hundreds of Sons of Freedom were jailed, on their own admission to committing these acts. These documents include detailed accounts of Verigin visiting homes and prisons to give instructions for burnings and explosions. These appear to be the Sons of Freedom’s own files of original affidavits and letters solicited from participants.

Alex Datchkoff

This file consists of statement by Alex Datchkoff concerning divisions and issues within the Doukhobor community.

Anastasia Bojey about Verigin

This file consist of carbon copy of document signed by Anastasia Bojey [Bozhia] written on Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood, Peter Verigin Office letterhead. This document provides Anastasia’s account of her dream in which she took a train journey with P. V. Verigin.

Anastasia and the Anutooskins

This file contains photographs of Anastasia Holoboff, and John and Dora Anutooskin from what appears to be an Anutooskin’s wedding.

Anna Markova

This file contains photographs depicting Anna Markova’s funeral and attending members of the Doukhobor community. The file contains an image of Anna Markova and her brother Peter Petrovich Verigin (Jastrebov) with Alyota Varobiev as well as images of the Verigin’s tomb which is also the final resting place of Anna Markova.

Anna Markova documents

This file consists of pencil drawn map of the Don area Doukhobor settlement by Anna Markova and accompanying handwritten notes and an envelope addressed to Eli A. Popoff, 1971. All documents are handwritten in Russian.

Arson related documents

This sub-series documents the Sons of Freedom involvement in arson and bombing, including of the burning of J. J. Verigin’s house in Brilliant, BC. The sub-series consists of witness statements, articles and newspaper clippings. This sub-series includes printed, mimeographed and handwritten documents in Russian and/or English. Some are original documents and some are photocopies. In some cases, Russian handwritten document is supplied with a Russian and English version mimeograph.

Articles by William Carson

This file consists of articles and essays written mostly by William Carson that focus on the Doukhobor community and its problems. His view appears to be favorable of the Doukhobor’s way of life and he expresses disapproval of the society’s and the British Columbia government attitude towards the Doukhobors. In some cases, the authorship of documents is unclear. William Carson was a head of the association called “The Human Rights Association” that tried to raise funds for the defense of the jailed Freedomites.

Association of Canadians of Russian Descent (ACRD)

This sub-series contains records of the Association of Canadians of Russian Descent dating between 1960 and 2010. These records include minutes of meetings, correspondence, publications, photographs, membership lists, programs, administrative records, financial records, songs text, music, notes, newspaper clippings, ephemera, Iskra issues, essays and photographs. Because of the pro-Russian attitude of this organization came under scrutiny of both Canadian and US security branches. Part of the records relates to the organization and celebration of the 70th jubilee celebration of Doukhobor arrival in Canada and Russian-Canandian Festival of 1987.
Records in both Russian and English, some include translations, handwritten and typed.

Assorted writings

This sub-series consists of assorted writings by various authors that are often unidentified. The records include published and unpublished writings, articles, newspaper clippings, lists, excerpts from publications, manuscripts, philosophical writings, song texts, notes, transcriptions of writings, speeches, declarations and other writings. These records illustrate Doukhobor ideological and religious views and the Doukhobor way of life.

Astaforoff, Mary

This file consists of correspondence of Mary Astaforoff with letters addressed to Doukhobor community, Mary’s family members, sister Lucy and son Peter, Charlie Peever of RCMP, Florence Konkin, Tina Jmaeff, Fred Hadikin, and Tania and Polly. This file also includes statements by Mary.

Astaforoff, Mary and Malakoff, Mary

This file consists of joined correspondence of Mary Astaforoff and Mary Malakoff who spent time in prison for protests and arson. This file consists of their correspondence and statements.

Astaforoff, Peter P.

This file consists of correspondence and statements of Peter P. Astaforoff. Some documents are dated and in some cases dating of the documents is not clear.

At work

This file consists of images that depict the individuals usually dressed in traditional Doukhobor clothing.


This file consists of Baha’is community in Central Kootenay correspondence with S. Sorokin.

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