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Simon Fraser University Special Collections and Rare Books Betty Krawczyk fonds
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Betty Krawczyk fonds

  • MsC 148
  • Fonds
  • 1970-2013

Fonds consists of the personal records of Betty Krawczyk, an environmentalist and active community member in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Spanning from 1970 to 2013, the fonds documents Krawczyk’s court cases, time spent in prison and participation in local community activism groups. The fonds predominately contains correspondence and legal records associated with Krawczyk’s court cases and prison sentences. Other records include certificates, notes, flyers, flags, mission statements, newspaper clippings, envelopes, financial papers, and Krawczyk’s published materials. The fonds has been arranged into eight series: Community activism records, Personal correspondence and related materials, Education, Legal records and related materials, Newspaper clippings and media coverage, Publications, Photographs and related materials, and Diaries.

Krawczyk, Betty Shiver

Community activism records

The series documents the activities of community activism groups associated with Betty Krawczyk. Series consists of mission statements, flyers, a paper flag, song lyrics, correspondence, pamphlets, booklets, newspaper clippings, journals, three calendars, speeches, handwritten notes, a membership list, and envelopes for Women in the Woods, the Canadian Party of Women, and other community activism groups Krawczyk was involved with during the mid-1990s to 2007. Series also contains textile records, including a Prison Justice Day t-shirt, flags, hats, a tote bag, and an aboriginal bead blanket. A large portion of the series relates to the activities of Women in the Woods and Betty’s political movements.

C Pow. women’s struggle

File consists of flyers, pamphlets, booklets, and a letter to the editor regarding the activities of the Canadian Party of Women. Print-outs from various websites regarding women’s struggle for political rights are included in the file. Records include information from North America and Australia. There is also information published by the Government of British Columbia regarding the Nisga’a Treaty.


File consists of newsletters from various community activism groups. Included are: December 2000 and November 2003 editions of the E.L.P. Newsletter (Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network), Free Betty, and Anarchist Black Cross – Dijon English Edition Newsbulletin. Some of the newsletters are accompanied by the envelopes in which Betty Krawczyk received them in. The file provides information on the activities of various organizations.


File consists of a newspaper clipping of a Letter to the Editor regarding Kevin Falcon threatening Eagleridge protesters, May and September 2007 editions of “The Advocate,” and a 2005 calendar titled “Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay.”


File consists of flyers, a mission statement, handwritten speech notes, correspondence and a press release regarding the activities of Women in the Woods. Other records include: a booklet titled “Save the Mountains,” minutes for the Cheam Elders’ Meeting, a flyer for the protest against Sun Peaks, and protest song lyrics.

[Speech and petition]

File consists of a petition to stop oil and gas development off of Canada’s Pacific coast and correspondence containing speech notes related to a community activism gathering against Gordon Campbell’s Liberal government.

[Women and labour parties]

File consists of a flyer for Lysistrata, handwritten notes regarding the Canadian Party of Women’s meeting, a flyer on Interfor’s logging activities, a pamphlet titled “Reducing Your Risk: A Guide to Avoiding Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals,” a 2001 calendar titled “Solidarity Forever,” and a 1998 calendar titled “Focus on Women.”

[Women in the Woods]

File consists of a membership list containing the name, address, phone number and e-mail address for each member; a pamphlet titled “Fury for the Sound: The Women at Clayoquot;” an advertisement for “Marker of Change: The Story of the Women’s Monument;” a draft of Lysistrata’s mandate; and an evaluation form.


File consists of flyers, correspondence, mandates, and online print-outs regarding the activities of the Canadian Party of Women.


File consists of a booklet titled “Pacific Vision: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom,” a report detailing the mandate of The Canadian Party of Women titled “Focus on Women,” a photocopy of a cash receipt for the YWCA of Vancouver, and handwritten notes.

[Elaho Earth First]

File consists of reports from the Earth First! Press Office, led by the Elaho Earth First community activism group. Included is a description of the group and its press office, three news releases, and an envelope.

[Flyers, correspondence and ephemera]

File consists of flyers on the CASSANDRA Project, free markets, Women in the Woods, Lystistrata, Greenpeace, Canadian Party of Women, and Wilderness Committee. Postcards, outgoing correspondence, and print-outs of e-mails are included in the file. File also contains ephemera, including fake money titled “Women’s Bucks,” a paper flag for a general strike in British Columbia, and “Betty” song lyrics.

[Flyers and correspondence]

File consists of flyers, mission statements, a booklet of song lyrics, and print-outs of e-mail correspondence and online photographs. The records provide information on the activities of the following community activism groups and individuals: The Friends of the Clayoquot Sound, the Clayoquot Arrestees, Stephen Bradley, and Women in the Woods.

[Flyers, mission statement, and booklet]

File consists of a flyer for a protest held by Betty Krawczyk, Women in the Woods, Forest Action Network, and BC Pathways; the Women in the Woods’ mission statement; and a booklet regarding the protection of the Upper Elaho created by

[Pamphlet, booklet, and notes]

File consists of a pamphlet for lawyer referral services, online print-outs of Shakespeare’s Henry V, notes regarding POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants), protest song lyrics, and a booklet titled “Synchronoptical World History Chart” which provides information on the history of the world.


File consists of print-outs of online articles, correspondence, and many handwritten pages written by Betty Krawczyk to local community activism groups.

Personal correspondence and related materials

Series consists of letters of correspondence, postcards, greeting cards, photographs, mailing address lists, prison correspondence lists, faxes, photocopies of letters, printed e-mails, excerpts from a magazine, newspaper clippings, a receipt, two calendars, earning reports, newsletters, a real estate advertisement, and drawings from Betty Krawczyk time in prison. Local, national, and international incoming and outgoing correspondence is included in this series. Some of the correspondence and its accompanying materials were received from Krawczyk’s family members and friends, while others are from strangers who read about her experiences in newspapers throughout the world. Some correspondence also includes proof samples of Krawczyk’s publications.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of letters of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. Correspondence is in relation to Krawczyk’s purchase of property, submission to a Lesbian Writers Fund, the publication of “The Clayquot: The Sound of my Heart,” and political affiliations. The file also contains two postcards, an envelope, and three photographs.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File includes: postcards, greeting cards, typed letters of correspondence, handwritten letters of correspondence, envelopes, deposit slips, and photocopies of newspaper clippings. Correspondence originates from Krawczyk’s family and other individuals in British Columbia.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk while she was in prison. File contains: postcards, greeting cards, envelopes, handwritten letters, and photocopies of newspaper clippings. Some of the greeting cards are decorated with drawings from the senders.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File contains envelopes, flyers for book publications, photocopies of a book chapter, newspaper comics, a receipt, typed and handwritten letters, speech notes from Krawczyk’s daughter in regard to her mother’s incarceration, greeting cards, two photograph negatives, and one photograph print.

[Betty Krawczyk with inmates]

Item is a negative of Betty Krawczyk posing with a group of inmates outside. Betty and another woman are holding a cake. The prison fence is in the background.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File contains handwritten letters of correspondence, newspaper clippings and photocopies of newspaper clippings, envelopes, a photocopy of the Canadian Bill of Rights, a Fernwood Publishing newsletter, and a postcard. Some of the correspondence is from Krawczyk’s children

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