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Betty Krawczyk fonds
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#12 Damian

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk and Madam Justice Brown. File includes a protest sticker, typed letters, printed e-mails, a biographical sketch of Rebecca Hall, resumes, greeting cards, envelopes, flyers, an excerpt from the journal "Geoscience Canada," "Victoria Street Newz" newsletter, and an award for Misbehaving Woman of the Year.


File consists of three excerpts from Martin’s Criminal Code, 2003, and a print-out from CanLII regarding SCC 58.

Actus Reus

File consists of three documents concerning Actus Reus. File includes an online article titled “Legal Definition of Actus Reus,” an online article titled “Actus Reus – Legal Definition,” and a court document titled “Appellant’s Factum” regarding the Regina v. Betty Krawczyk British Columbia Court of Appeal case.

Additional arguments

File consists of Betty Krawczyk’s speeches while in court. File contains two untitled speeches and two speeches titled: “Summary and Indictment” and “Background.”


File consists of Betty Krawczyk’s incoming correspondence. File contains greeting cards, typed letters, envelopes, photocopies of newspaper clippings, and newspaper clippings.

Appeal duplicates

File consists of court documents related to the Supreme Court of British Columbia’s case between Betty Krawczyk and Her Majesty the Queen. File includes a report titled “Crown’s Opening for Contempt Hearing,” “Reasons for Judgment of the Honourable Mr. Justice Tysoe,” print-outs of the “Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada” and “Forms of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada,” and blank forms for a notice of motion, certificate, and affidavit.


File consists of documents related to Betty Krawczyk’s trial against Her Majesty the Queen. File contains Krawczyk’s rap sheet, incoming correspondence, the “Respondent’s Response to Application for Leave to Appeal,” along with Krawczyk’s speech notes for court.

Bail application

File consists of documents regarding Betty Krawczyk’s application for bail. File contains one letter of outgoing correspondence written by Krawczyk to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, transcripts on Krawczyk’s submission for bail, a proceedings transcript, and a form.


File consists of court documents, excerpts from articles, and handwritten notes regarding the Supreme Court of British Columbia court cases associated with Betty Krawczyk. File contains a report titled “International Forest Products Ltd. v. Kern,” “Submissions of Betty Krawczyk,” Krawczyk’s handwritten research, typed speech notes, “Reasons for Judgment of the Honourable Mr. Justice Pitfield,” a photocopy of an article titled “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation: Developing a Canadian Response” by Chris Tollefson, an excerpt from “Mandamus and Environmental Protest,” incoming correspondence, a report CanLII report titled “Greenpeace Canada v. MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.,” and photocopies of magazine articles related to Krawczyk’s case.

Betty Krawczyk fonds

  • MsC 148
  • Fonds
  • 1970-2013

Fonds consists of the personal records of Betty Krawczyk, an environmentalist and active community member in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Spanning from 1970 to 2013, the fonds documents Krawczyk’s court cases, time spent in prison and participation in local community activism groups. The fonds predominately contains correspondence and legal records associated with Krawczyk’s court cases and prison sentences. Other records include certificates, notes, flyers, flags, mission statements, newspaper clippings, envelopes, financial papers, and Krawczyk’s published materials. The fonds has been arranged into eight series: Community activism records, Personal correspondence and related materials, Education, Legal records and related materials, Newspaper clippings and media coverage, Publications, Photographs and related materials, and Diaries.

Krawczyk, Betty Shiver

C Pow. women’s struggle

File consists of flyers, pamphlets, booklets, and a letter to the editor regarding the activities of the Canadian Party of Women. Print-outs from various websites regarding women’s struggle for political rights are included in the file. Records include information from North America and Australia. There is also information published by the Government of British Columbia regarding the Nisga’a Treaty.


File consists of flyers, correspondence, mandates, and online print-outs regarding the activities of the Canadian Party of Women.


File consists of a booklet titled “Pacific Vision: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom,” a report detailing the mandate of The Canadian Party of Women titled “Focus on Women,” a photocopy of a cash receipt for the YWCA of Vancouver, and handwritten notes.

Cameron’s outline of argument, Kiewit

File consists of records related to environmental court cases. File includes a print-out of an online article titled “Polluting Our Principles: Environmental Prosecutions and the Bill of Rights” by Timothy Lynch, and two copies of a court document titled “Betty Krawczyk’s Outline of Argument” for the Supreme Court of British Columbia case between Peter Kiewit Sons Co. and Dennis Perry, Bruce McArthur, John Doe, and Jane Doe.

Case law other

File consists of reports related to other environmental court cases. File contains Quicklaw report titled “MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. v. Simpson,” excerpts from The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Quicklaw report titled “R. v. Lewis”.


File consists of a pamphlet titled “Fury for the Sound: The Women at Clayoquot”, a report regarding The Women’s Party, a flyer, and "Time Colonist" clippings. The records are in regards to the Catface Forest Development.

Clayoquot Sound 1993

File consists of newspaper clippings related to protests at Clayoquot Sound, the resulting arrests, and associated court cases. Clippings are from "Times Colonist," "The Westerly News," "Nanaimo Daily Free Press," and "The Province." There is also a news release and newsletters from The Friends of the Clayoquot Sound.

Clippings of me

File consists of newspaper clippings and photocopies of newspaper articles that provide coverage on Betty Krawczyk’s protests, trial, and sentencing. Included are excerpts from the "Times Colonist," "The Vancouver Sun," "The Now," "Suddentsche Zeitung," "Monday Magazine," "Comox Valley Record," "The Globe and Mail," "Earth Island Journal," and "Nanaimo Daily News." Feature articles, letters to the editor, and newspaper comics are included in the file.

Community activism records

The series documents the activities of community activism groups associated with Betty Krawczyk. Series consists of mission statements, flyers, a paper flag, song lyrics, correspondence, pamphlets, booklets, newspaper clippings, journals, three calendars, speeches, handwritten notes, a membership list, and envelopes for Women in the Woods, the Canadian Party of Women, and other community activism groups Krawczyk was involved with during the mid-1990s to 2007. Series also contains textile records, including a Prison Justice Day t-shirt, flags, hats, a tote bag, and an aboriginal bead blanket. A large portion of the series relates to the activities of Women in the Woods and Betty’s political movements.

Constitutional question

File consists of court documents regarding Betty Krawczyk v. Her Majesty the Queen. File contains receipts, a photocopy of Krawczyk’s affidavit, a photocopy of Krawcyzk’s response, Krawczyk’s statement for her conviction and sentencing appeal, a “Notice of Constitutional Question,” and a “Notice of Application for Constitutional Remedy.” File also includes three transcripts: one titled “Closing for Crown Argument by Mr. Brundrett,” and two titled “Betty Krawczyk (for Defence) Evidence by Betty Krawczyk.”

Copies of demand documents + charter application

File consists of legal documents regarding the Supreme Court of British Columbia’s case between Betty Krawczyk and Peter Kiewit Sons Co. et al. The file contains two “Writ of Summons,” a “Statement of Claim,” a “Demand for Discovery of Documents,” a “Notice of Application for Constitutional Remedy,” a “Notice Requiring Trial by Jury,” Krawczyk’s responses, and a print-out of an online article on court cases.

Copies of judgment and order

File consists of court documents related to the Supreme Court of British Columbia case between Betty Krawczyk and Peter Kiewit Sons Co. et al. File contains two reports, one titled “Reasons for Judgment” and the other “Order.”

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