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Simon Fraser University Special Collections and Rare Books Daphne Marlatt Fonds
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Daphne Marlatt Fonds

  • MsC 142
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1958]-2014

Fonds consists of records created or accumulated by Daphne Marlatt through her personal and professional activities, predominantly after the year 1990. Records document her activities as a writer of poetry and prose, an editor, and as a teacher of writing and literature, and include manuscripts, notes, research records, correspondence, photographs, grant applications, reviews, and audio and video recordings of poetry readings.

The fonds has been arranged into the following eleven series: Background research records ([ca. 1965-2000]), Fiction - poetry records (1958-2014), Fiction - drama records (2000-2011), Non-fiction works records (1975-2008), Awards and grants records ([ca. 1965-2012]), Correspondence with publishers ([ca. 1977-2013]), Professional activities records (1983-2013), Teaching records (1973-2010), Electronic records and other media (1974-2012), Personal records (1966-2014), and Personal and professional correspondence (1961-2014).

Marlatt, Daphne

“Opening doors - in Vancouver's East End: Strathcona" records

Sub-series consists of records created or accumulated by Marlatt and co-editor Carole Itter while conducting research for and working on the project “Opening Doors - In Vancouver's East End: Strathcona," a work that documents the history and culture of Vancouver's Strathcona neighbourhood through oral history interviews with community members. Records include photographs, a collage, interview transcripts, and other research records.

[Transcription] Mrs. Nobue Minato

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Father’s history before Canada and coming to Canada
Schooling on Powell Steet, Eclere 900 blk Cordova as a child

Fishing in harbour
Matsunoya Bath house
Father buying land in Burnaby
Chicken story
Mother sewing

Home remedies
Evacuation and Lillooet and Vernon

4 page story

[Transcription] David de Camillis - preliminary edit

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Immigration and first jobs
Business – landlord
Depression – jungle life
Entertainment – theatre/movie houses/swing banks

Prewar in area/Italian/Canadian fascists
W.W. II – Italians interred

Business – cabaret 1930’s
Prostitution – Alexander St/as taxi driver

Italian weddings
Montreal bakery
Home skills – wine making
Characters in area
Italian picnics*

[Transcription] W.T. (Bill) Abercrombie and Vernon Wiedrich

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Arrival and teaching experience
Longshoremen’s strike
Going into school
Boy in trouble and teachers help (30) (shoot up a policeman)

Teachers in west end/east end schools

In conversation
Delinquency in school (boy stealing clothes)
School grounds – 1910 to 1930
Immigrant children
Nurse McLellan

Family history
Children’s games (1905)
Organized sport
False Creek abattoir

Fist fight story
School rifle teams

Sergeant-major bundy
Punishment in schools
Wild game/fowl

Race riot 1907
Racial difficulties

Runaway horse (orange hall window)
Chinese vegetable vendors


[Transcription] Al Izen

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Family’s arrival
Depression (on young person)*

[Transcription] Ramon and Irma Benedetti

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Boarding Houses in area

Business – father startup store/integrity
long story/details good
Early bootlegging

Games – play
Politics – 1970’s
Home skills/entertainment/livestock

Sausage making
Grape importing
Play – Games – long
Boccia – details

Schooling – some is good
Wartime – school/Japanese evac./Powell St.

School teacher 1940’s
Church/Sacred Heart/Boulignon
Politics/Renewal of area – good 1950-1960


[Transcription] Elisa Negrin - preliminary edit

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Parents’ immigration to Canada
Acquiring cows 5 page story
Fuel from Stanley Park
Depression – transients

Daughters learning self-defense
Chores as an assistant midwife and housekeeper
Working in grocery store
Fruit trees and large trees in area
Funny chicken story
Speaking English on the streets*

[Transcription] Violet Benedetti - preliminary edited transcript

File contains notes from original folder that read:
N.B. Some statements by Inez Leland in this section
Early family history 1900’s
Opera and theatre in area

Jemina story
First car ride
Children’s work/crocheting
English people in area 1914

Courtship ritual with Italians
Flu epidemic

Marriage at fourteen
Her store
Store details
Children’s chores and entertainment
Geography – early changes

Boarding houses
Home remedies
Mushroom hunting

Dandelion wine
Stars at Xmas time
Character: Turkey lurkey
Women in the Home/Boccia

/having babies
Cows in area

Home remedies

East End/West End rivalry
Wartime/Italian entertainment

[Transcription] Elda Venturato (nee Battistoni) - preliminary edit and scraps

File contains notes from original folder that read:
School – 1913
Community togetherness 1912
Poverty in family
Dr. MacKay

Children's activities/chores
House interior
Family-mother’s accident
Stores in area
Home skills – cows, goats

W.W.II – Jap. Evacuation*
Internment of Italians
Depression story
Safety in area
Note: not included is short statement on negroes in the community 2-2 p. 5

[Transcription] Polowy/Bezubiak - Xerox remains

File contains notes from original folder that read:
Housework Rosie B.
Ukrainian Food Store – Ed.
“Music – horne
Princess Street House
Bootlegging – working for them
Street gangs – Loine, Hannah
Abortionist and Morals in area
Organized Sport – Ed.
Job-newspaper route – Inlet

Ethnic groups in area
WWII and Jap. Evacuation
Discrimination/Ethnic minority
Ukrainian Hall – Labor Temple

Labor demonstrations 1930’s
Church and charity activity
Evictions from homes
Neighbourhood characters*
Dr. Fox

Envelope 2 - notes on photographs

File contains MsC 142.500-574. The images were considered for use in the final product of the Strathcona Aural History project. File was originally an envelope labelled "128 Aural History Carole Itter 255-8851; 543 Hawks; Daphne Marlatt" and "copy negatives, proofs, (some prints) list". The envelope contained 6 smaller envelopes of photographs. The first envelope was labelled "copy negatives that have been printed" and "Peter Battistoni". The file contains a hand-drawn diagram of his family. The file also contains a list of the photographs' subjects and when they were received, shot, printed and returned; the first part probably refers to the first envelope of photographs.

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