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Association of Canadian Publishers fonds
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Association of Canadian Publishers fonds

  • F-57
  • Fonds
  • 1951 - 1985

Fonds consists of the official records of the Independent Publishers Association and its 1976 successor, the Association of Canadian Publishers. The fonds documents the 1971 founding and the first ten years of operation of the ACP and its activities to strengthen and expand the Canadian-owned publishing industry through government action, co-operation between publishing houses and liaison with other associations.

The records contain substantial information and analysis of the English language Canadian publishing industry during this period and of its specialized sectors such as children's book, educational, scholarly, music and paperback publishing. They document the founding and operation of ACP affiliates: the Literary Press Group, Association of Book Publishers of BC and the Atlantic and Alberta Publishers Associations. The records reveal the concerns of these regional and specialized groups and of the industry as a whole and detail the remedial strategies formulated for problems of warehousing and distribution, censorship, production costs, promotion, foreign sales and foreign ownership. The ACP was a sustaining member of the Book and Periodical Development Council and the Canadian Copyright Institute and amassed minutes and papers from these organizations.

The collection reflects the cultural and economic nationalism that emerged in Canada during the 1970's. It offers significant information about federal and provincial government policies, initiatives and funding programs in aid of book publishing and on related issues such as copyright, Canadian learning materials development and the book tariff. Substantial records have been maintained on the Canada Council and its Book Purchase Program, the Ontario Arts Council, and the federal ministries of Secretary of State and Industry, Trade and Commerce. An extensive collection of briefs to the 1971 Ontario Royal Commission on Book Publishing is also included.

The records document Canadian publishers' participation in foreign book fairs and the Montreal Book Fair. Detailed records have been maintained on the proceedings of ACP publishing policy conferences and publishers' professional development seminars. Considerable documentation exists about the interaction between the ACP and associations and individuals representing libraries, educational institutions, booksellers and writers.

Significant correspondents with ACP staff and executive members include Dave Arnason, Beth Appeldoorn, Katherine Benzekri, Bill Bissett, Sally Bryers, Fred Cogswell, William Darnell, Jane Dobell, Robin Farr, Hugh Faulkner, W.E.P. Fleck, Nancy Fleming, Graeme Gibson, Shirley Gibson, Alastair Gillespie, Peter Grant, David Hancock, Ralph Hodgson, Jack Horner, Campbell Hughes, Paul Irwin, Don Jamieson, Luc Jutras, Naim Kattan, Susan Katz, Peter Kidd, Frank Keyes, Sheila Kieran, Georges Laberge, Patricia Lagace, John LeBel, Jack McClelland, David MacDonald, Roy MacSkimming, John Main, Gladys Neale, Jacqueline Nestman-Hushion, Gordon Pallant, J.Z. Leon Patenaude, Ellen Powers, Eva Radford, Bernie Rath, Angela Rebeiro, Ed Roberts, Toivo Roht, Dan Rosborough, Clyde Rose, Karl Seigler, Roy Sharpe, Alan Shute, Annabel Slaight, David Spence, Steve Stevanovic, Jack Stoddart, Anthony Toth, Linda Turnbull, Glen Whitmer and Randall Ware.

Included are the constitution, bylaws, letters patent, correspondence, reports, briefs, speeches and transcripts, budgets, financial statements, newsletters, brochures, catalogues, articles, clippings, press releases, minutes, and photographs.

Association of Canadian Publishers


Series consists of brochures, handbooks, catalogues, pamphlets and reports produced by the ACP or drawn from the ACP's collection. Included are IPA/ACP information brochures, handbooks and directories, Literary Press Group catalogues, reports taken from the Education Committee's collection of publications and a pamphlet celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the House of Anansi.

General meetings minutes and papers

Series consists of records relating to IPA and ACP Annual General Meetings and Policy Conferences. Included are agendas, minutes, annual reports from committees, budgets, financial statements, notices, minutes of special general meetings, correspondence, guest lists, memoranda, draft agendas, transcripts, brochures, and membership lists. The series is arranged chronologically.


Series consists of copies of the constitution, bylaws and letters patent of the IPA and ACP, and correspondence, memos and notes from executive members and staff concerning constitutional revision. The series is arranged chronologically.

Executive / Council minutes and papers

Series consists of agendas, minutes and papers of the Executive Committee of the IPA and the Executive Council of the ACP. Included are committee and project reports to Council, copies of correspondence, memoranda, financial statements and budgets circulated to council members or considered at council meetings. The series is arranged chronologically.

Chronological files

Series consists of the day files of the IPA/ACP, arranged in chronological order. Included are correspondence originating from the IPA/ACP, financial statements, minutes , news releases and some Literary Press Group correspondence.


Series consists of a collection of briefs to government relevant to the book publishing industry. Included are briefs from the Canadian Book Publishers Council and from the interim Council of Canadian Publishers, briefs to the Ontario Royal Commission on Book Publishing, miscellaneous briefs and speeches, briefs on copyright and libraries, IPA briefs and related correspondence, clippings and notes.


Series consists of records relating to the operation of three projects initiated by the IPA: Canadabooks, Canadian Basic Books and Canadian Book Information Centre. The records of the overseeing body, Canadian Publishers Project Co-ordinating Committee, are absent. Included are correspondence, legal documents, minutes, notes, catalogues, questionnaires, audit statements, budgets and reports.

Grant applications and financial statements

Series consists of grant applications to the Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council by the ACP and its affiliates for the years 1979-1981 and 1983, and of ACP audited financial statements for the years 1972, 1974, 1979 and 1981.

Included are budgets, financial statements, annual and semi-annual reports, correspondence and proposals for the ACP, the BC, Alberta and Atlantic publishers, the LPG and the projects Canadabooks and Canadian Book Information Centre projects. The files have been maintained in their original alphabetized order.

Miscellaneous audited IPA/ACP Financial Statements are also found in the series.

Book and Periodical Development Council

Series consists of records documenting the ACP's relationship with the Book and Periodical Development Council and as a member of three committees within it. Included are minutes and papers of the Council and General meetings from 1978; the 1978 Book and Periodical Development Council bylaws, memos, reports, briefs and correspondence relating to the first two years of the Council's existence; the results of a 1978 election survey on publishing policies of the three federal political parties and minutes and papers of the Freedom of Information Committee, the Task Force on Library Information and the Distribution Task Force.

Subject files

Series consists of subject files of the ACP relating to its founding, finances, organizations, government departments, persons, topics, press releases and IPA administrative, policy, research and service functions.

Included are correspondence and memoranda, reports and briefs, newsletters, articles, news clippings, press releases, minutes, budgets, grant applications and financial statements, survey responses, catalogues and photographs.


Series consists of the IPA Newsletter, (1973-77), Notebook (1977-82) and the Publishing Policy File (1980-81). The series is missing numbers 2, 3, 12 and 14 of the Notebook. Included are correspondence, clippings, photographs, and news releases that were used to compile the newsletter and the 1982 newsletter mailing list.

Literary Press Group

Series consists of records of the Literary Press Group. Projects documented are the 'Access Project', or annual LPG catalogue, and the Cloudland Direct Marketing initiative. Included are the constitution, minutes and papers of general and executive meetings, correspondence and memoranda, budgets, grant applications, catalogue supplements, mailing lists, contracts, reports and surveys.

Book Purchase Program

Series consists of records relating to the creation, operation and administration of the Book Purchase Program. The records document IPA involvement in its planning and administration, as well as program details such as titles and recipients selected. Included are minutes, speech, clippings, press releases, correspondence, address and account book, budgets, lists and purchase orders.

Research and policy files

Series consists of several groups of working files, most apparently maintained by the IPA/ACP's Executive Directors, and reflecting the Association's efforts in gathering information and monitoring and encouraging government policy on aspects of the book publishing industry. Included are correspondence, minutes, lists, speeches, reports, memoranda, questionnaires, surveys, and statutes.

Committee meetings, papers and files

Series consists of records relating to 24 ACP committees. The committees were formed to deal with different aspects of ACP initiatives and the publishing trade. The Children's Book Publishers, Educational Publishing and Production committees prepared special reports and amassed research information. The IPA became a sustaining member of the Canadian Copyright Institute and their collection of minutes and papers from this organization are found with the Copyright Committee papers. The Membership Committee had a sporadic existence, but all defunct members' files and papers relating to membership status have been grouped with the committee's papers. The Management Committee was responsible for co-ordination and direction of ACP activities between Council meetings. The Booksellers Committee and Export Committee records are completely absent. Included are agendas, minutes and papers, correspondence, briefs, reports and drafts, articles and clippings.


Subseries consists of records relating to the Canadabooks project. Documented are its endeavors to increase the sale of members' titles in the educational field through salespersons and production of joint catalogues. Included are bylaws, minutes and papers of the Board of Governors and general meetings, correspondence, financial statements, contracts, reports and catalogues.

Policy files

Subseries consists of records relating to the subject of government policy in the fields of copyright, foreign investment, co-publishing, cultural industries and book tariffs. Also documented is the Tariff Monitoring Work Group, a joint government/industry endeavour under the auspices of the Book and Periodical Development Council set up to monitor the effects of zero-rating the import tariff on books. Included are articles, briefs, minutes and papers.

Foreign Investment Review Act

Subseries consists of records relating to the federal Foreign Investment Review Act (FIRA) and on the ownership changes of particular publishing companies, control within the North American publishing industry, and the public response to the threatened closure of Macmillan Publishing in 1980. Included are legislation, correspondence, annual and other reports, clippings, newsletters, memoranda and news releases.

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