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Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
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Department of Behavioural Sciences Foundations files

Sub-series consists of records made or received by the Head of the Department of Behavioural Science Foundations, R.J.C. Harper, in the course of administering the department. Activities documented include departmental planning (budget, enrollment, staffing, space); curriculum and program development (course planning, development of the Communication Studies program and establishment of the Department of Communication); student relations (enrollment, applications for graduate studies, registration and examinations); relations with faculty members (appointments, tenure, salaries); liaison with other university departments and participation in university, faculty and departmental committees; and liaison with external agencies and associations involved in education. Records include correspondence, reports, invitations, statistics and estimates; course proposals, outlines, and descriptions; and committee meeting agenda, minutes and supporting papers.

For a list of the departments, committees, and external organizations represented in the correspondence and subject files, see the "Access points" section below.

Department of Behavioural Science Foundations

Background material - Political Science, Sociology, and Anthropology Department

Sub-series consists primarily of photocopied material related to the trusteeship over the PSA department, the PSA Strike, and the subsequent dismissal of eight faculty members of the PSA department. Subjects, events and activities documented include the PSA Tenure Committee; the SFU Faculty Association; the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee and statements; the CAUT Committee of Inquiry and motion of censure; the American Anthropological Association (AAA) ad hoc committee to investigate the SFU dispute; the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association (CSAA)'s boycott of SFU; the American Sociological Association ad hoc committee on the SFU dispute; the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA)'s position; the Association of University and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)'s Committee on Academic Freedom; the Palmer Committee decision; the Rosenbluth Committee Report; the Supreme Court of BC in Wheeldon vs. SFU; and the university administration's actions under Presidents Kenneth Strand and Pauline Jewett. Sub-series consists of reports, issues of the Peak, minutes, memoranda, abstracts, press releases, correspondence, research notes, telegrams, newsletters, newspaper articles, strike bulletins, CAUT bulletins, book excerpts, journal articles, and printed online material.

Photocopies from the Peak

Sub-sub-series consists of several hundred full-page photocopies from The Peak relating to the governance of Simon Fraser University; student affairs; student activism; and academic freedom and tenure. These issues of the Peak are in chronological order. Hugh Johnston referred to these by creating a rough index of articles identified by the page and date of the Peak issues. This index is provided in pages 65-77 of the Yellow Notebook in sub-sub-series three. Subjects, events and activities documented include anti-war rallies and draft dodgers; athletics; football; tuition, student loans and bursaries; the BC Union of Students; Canadian Union of Students (CUS); the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) and the Association of University and Colleges of Canada (AUCC); the Faculty Association; Food Services; residences; registration; Graduate Student Society; the PSA affair; Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); Students for a Democratic University (SDU); the Shell service station dispute; the student movement; the Simon Fraser Student Society; and the Women's Movement.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)

Sub-series consists of records relating to the Vice-President, Academic's interactions with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). AUCC is a public policy and advocacy organization for Canadian public and private not-for-profit universities and university-degree level colleges. Records include correspondence, reports, and AUCC statistics, briefs, news releases, bulletins, brochures and other printed matter.

External correspondence

Series consists of the Director's correspondence with individuals and organizations outside of the university. Activities and events documented include the Centennial Theatre project (file 1); participation in conferences, faculty exchange programs and visiting artists; collaboration and participation in various arts organizations; liaison with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and the Universities Council of British Columbia (UCBC); special projects and events (Expo '86 World Festival, Calgary '88 Olympics Arts Festival); a 1984 proposal to establish a Canadian Centre for Contemporary Arts;liaison with local public and high schools; reviews and commentary on other university programs, and grant applications.

Records include correspondence, reports, meeting agendas and minutes, agreements and letters of understanding, media releases, proposals, grant applications, project descriptions, postcards, conference programs, CVs, questionnaires, architectural drawings (file 19), notes and working papers, brochures and other printed reference material.

Committees and Associations

Sub-series consists of records relating to the Dean's participation on various campus committees and membership in professional associations. For the complete list of committees and associations, see Access Points below. Records include correspondence and working papers, agendas and minutes, reports and publications.