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Research Material

This series contains textual materials and audio recordings (cassettes, audio reels, vinyl records) related to professional activities that are not specifically gamelan or composition, though they may also be related to both. Items include recordings of compositions by other composers, samples of sounds, recordings of different world music (especially a large number of recordings of Indian classical music), and some live concert recordings.


This series contains textual materials and audio recordings of Gamelan music. It includes scores for Javanese and Balinese Gamelan (noted as Javanese or Balinese Gendhing), research materials related to Gamelan, and audio recordings (cassettes and vinyl records). It also includes information about the acquisition of SFU’s Gamelan, the Gamelan festival at SFU in 1986, and about the interdisciplinary production of A Gamelan Tempest at SFU in 1989. The photographs for these event are housed in Series 10: Photographs.


This series contains information related to Bartlett’s teaching at Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria, and various public lectures including those at the Western Front. Material also includes student submissions such as compositions, writing, and recordings. The series includes textual materials and some audio recordings.


This series contains Bartlett’s notebooks which have a wide array of content. Travel journals, sailing logs, computer schemas, sketch books, and compositional sketches are included. Relevant content may also be found for other series such as Series 5: Gamelan, Series 6: Research materials, Series 7: Writing, Series 8: Computer Programming, and Series 9: Compositions.

Personal Papers

This series contains Bartlett’s personal documents such as passports and birth certificate, adoption papers, citizenship certificates, university degrees, financial papers, tax documents, mortgage documentation, travel and boat paperwork, and pay slips.


This series contains personal and business correspondence to and from Martin Bartlett.

Pat Lowther tributes and readings

This series consists of records relating to a series of tribute readings organized by Toby Brooks in honor of Pat Lowther, typically held at various bookstores on her milestone birthdays. The record types included are: correspondence, posters, promotional material, and business records relating to donations to support speaking and housing fees for various invited guests.

Research and writing

This series consists of textual records related to research into Pat Lowther's life and writing career, the circumstances of her death and the subsequent trial of her husband for the crime, and also interviews with Lowther's friends and family. Most of the research was originated by either Toby Brooks or Dona Sturmanis, but some consists of photocopies obtained from other archival institutions. The information collected in this series culminated in the book "Pat Lowther's Continent".

The record types included in this series are: notes, correspondence, newspaper articles and reviews.


This series consists of 4 sub-series: Biographies, self-promotion and awards (1963-2013); McWhinney family, early life and personal papers (1914-2015); Charities and McWhinney Foundation (1968-2013); Travel (1958-2013)

Publications and reviews

This series consists of 3 sub-series: Works authored by McWhinney (1956-2013); Works about McWhinney (1963-2012); Works edited or reviewed by McWhinney (1974-2015)

Politics and law

This series consists of 9 sub-series: Quebec politics and sovereignty (1965-2011); Federal government and constitutional law (1964-2013); Reports, testimonies, advisory committees, and essays (1953-2013); Professional correspondence (1952-2014); Vancouver Quadra (1951-2015); B.C. politics (1979-2006); Aviation law (1955-1996); Foreign policy, treaties and international courts (1963-2014); Research on international politics or legal issues (1943-2015)

B.C. Lions and Canadian Football League material

This series is comprised of material collected by Ajaib reflecting his deep interest and involvement with Canadian professional football and, in particular, the BC Lions. Ajaib was one of the original 100 investors for the team in 1953 and became a lifelong season ticket holder.
The series is divided into 2 sub-series: Photographs and Textual records.

East India Carpets business records

This series contains material associated with records relating to the successful carpet business Ajaib started in 1948. After leaving military service he spent time in India training and returned to Canada to start East India Carpets in 1948. The business began as wholesale until expanding; the family has maintained their current retail location on 2nd street since 1962.
The series is divided into 2 sub-series: Photographs and Textual records.

Post-war Vancouver

This series is comprised of material associated with Ajaib’s life after World War II as he developed a successful business and started a family. Most of the images in this series come from a family album and are centered around Ajaib’s marriage to Nirmal and the early years of their marriage. Most of the material from later in his life is in the form of correspondence and other records. Also included are some memorabilia items and ephemera that illustrate how Ajaib and Nirmal enjoyed their free time (concerts, theatre shows, trips, etc.).
The series is divided into 2 sub-series: Photographs and Textual records.

Records relating to World War II service

This series contains material associated with Ajaib’s World War II military service as an aircraft mechanic in Saskatchewan and the Yukon.
The series is divided into 2 sub-series: Photographs and Textual records.

Records relating to childhood/high school

This series is comprised of material associated with Ajaib’s early years living on Vancouver Island through to his attendance at two Vancouver-area high schools: Kitsilano High School and Vancouver Technical Secondary School.
The series is divided into 2 sub-series: Photographs (1904-1942?) and Textual records (1912-1942).

Awards, events and reviews

This series was originally titled "Miscellaneous records". The title was changed and the contents slightly rearranged for better intellectual access. It consists of photocopies of Eden Robinson's university degress, as well as awards, prize information, publicity and newspaper clippings of reviews.


This series consists of professional correspondence related to Eden Robinson's writing career, as well as newspaper clippings and photocopies of reviews of her work.

Society history

In the early 1990s, a member of the Kettle Society undertook a project to write the history of the East Enders Society. As part of this project, she interviewed several members of the Society and partial transcriptions of the audio taped interviews were completed. Members of the Society also submitted notes and proposals for book sections. The book project was eventually abandoned before the Society was officially dissolved in 1994. Series includes audio taped interviews, partial transcripts of interviews, notes and correspondence.

Ruth Emerson Wortis biographical information

This series consists of biographical information for Ruth Emerson Wortis compiled by the donor. This includes: a copy of the obituary written by Michael Wortis including photocopies of images used, a resume, and a comprehensive list of performances, dances choreographed by Ruth, publications and reviews.

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