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Ruth Emerson Wortis performances and interviews

This series is comprised of two 3-disc collections titled "Ruth Emerson: Her Vancouver & SFU Years". They were produced by the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University and contain several recorded performances and interviews conducted over a 9 year period.

Published reviews and articles

The majority of this series is comprised of newspaper and magazine articles containing reviews of performances which Ruth participated in and, later, produced. Publications include: the “Boston Herald”, “Lexington Minute-Man”, “Wellesley Townsman”, “Boston Globe”, “Cambridge Chronical”, “Dance Observer”, “Village Voice”, “The New York Times”, “Show Business”, “New York Herald Tribune”, “Dance Magazine”, “Christian Science Monitor”, “Champaign-Urbana Courier”, “Daily Illini”, Seattle Times”, “Seattle Post-Intelligencer”, “Champaign-Urbana News Gazette”, “The Peak”, “Georgia Straight”, “Contact Quarterly”, “Radcliffe News”, and the “Vancouver Sun”.

Writings and correspondence

This series consists primarily of Ruth’s correspondence regarding certain dance pieces, her personal notes and writings, or articles she authored for publication.

Programs and flyers

This series consists of promotional materials (flyers, posters, mailings, and some newspaper clippings) and programs of Ruth’s performances over the years. It is possible not only to trace the genesis and evolution of certain pieces, but the breadth of detail in the records serves to contextualize Ruth’s path geographically, stylistically, and professionally among her peers. Beginning with her initial performances with The Dancemakers to her work with the Judson Dance Theatre, her training abroad and graduate studies, her career in dance education and through to her efforts to coordinate community engagement in dance, it is possible to view Ruth’s career through these materials based on the depth of her participation and involvement. In some cases there are multiple copies of the same item.


This series consists of prints (some mounted), negatives and slides - both professional and amateur shots - of various performances and rehearsals. Some artistic photo shoots are also included. In many instances exact dates are not known but a general guess by the donor is provided.

Dance, movement and music scores

This series represents a collection of dance scores and choreographic materials compiled throughout Ruth’s career. Some are for single events while others show the growth and evolution of pieces as they are adapted over the years for different venues, groups or types of dances, and to the audiences for which they are performed.

Interviews and transcripts

Series consists of 68 interviews conducted by Peter Poole with trade union leaders, solidarity movement leaders, community activists, and legal counsel. Records include sound recordings of the interviews, lists of interview subjects, Poole's personal impressions of the tape recorded interviews and interviewees, and 26 transcripts made by students. Interviews range from one-half hour to two hours in length.

"On the Hill": audio visual recordings

Series consists of an incomplete run of productions for "On the Hill," an SFU student-produced broadcast programme based in the School of Communication course CMNS 326 "Applied Media Workshop: On the Hill."

"On the Hill" was created in the early 1990s by School of Communication student Valerie McTavish. At the time, videotape and audio were increasingly being handled directly by students, and the School had developed a non-broadcast course in response. McTavish was a student in the course. She felt there was a lack of community spirit on the campus and saw a monthly, student-produced television programme as a way to encourage involvement and feature campus stories. She acted as producer, and the programme aired on Rogers Cable. After McTavish graduated, Communication students continued her work. The School saw the educational value of the programme and soon added it to its curriculum. "On the Hill" remains a part of the School of Communication, and is the focus of the course CMNS 326 "Applied Media Workshop: On the Hill." The programme continues to be a student-produced broadcast news program with content geared to SFU's student community.

British Columbia Federation of Women records

Series consists of records of the British Columbia Federation of Women. The BCFW was an umbrella organization for women's groups in BC; its objective was to bring about women's liberation through fundamental social change. Includes reports from various sub-committees of the BCFW, such as the BC Association of Non-Status Women, Rights of Women in Prison, Rights of Lesbians, and others. Also includes the BCFW constitution, correspondence, newspapers, agendas, standing committee reports, newsletters, handbooks and an audio recording (on 8 audio cassettes) of a BCFW Standing Committee meeting in October 197[5].

Women in trade

Series consists of records related to Braid's work with women in trade, including training materials, conference planning and proceedings, reports, curricula, interviews and publications. Series is arranged in 4 subseries:

  1. Conference planning
  2. Reports
  3. Tradeswomen: a quarterly magazine
  4. Publications

Conferences and professional affiliations

Series consists of records documenting various conferences that Bill Richards attended, presented at, or was involved in organizing. It also includes records relating to Richards’ involvement as publisher and co-editor of INSNA’s journal, “Connections,” and some correspondence relating to the organization of the 2007 International Sunbelt Social Network Conference when he was INSNA’s President. Records primarily include conference programs, but also include correspondence, journal articles, a photograph, and footage of a Vancouver symposium for which Richards was organizer and convener.


Series consists of records documenting Bill Richards’ successful and unsuccessful federal and SFU research grant applications. Records include completed applications, letters of reference, correspondence, adjudicating committee evaluations, background literature, and supporting documents.

Presentations and writing

Series consists of published and unpublished works, papers, and conference or workshop papers authored or co-authored by Bill Richards, primarily about network analysis and his software programs. The series also includes a manuscript review, some papers written while Richards was still a student, and his PhD dissertation. Records include drafts and final copies, research notes, background literature, and correspondence.


Series consists of records arising from Bill Richards' research activities, computer software program development, and collaborative projects utilizing his software programs. For types of records, see sub-series descriptions.

Series is arranged into 5 sub-series:

  1. Collaborations and projects
  2. Software program files
  3. NEGOPY researchers and locations
  4. NEGOPY data analysis
  5. Reference material


Series consists of Bill Richards’ correspondence with colleagues, professional contacts, and students. Series includes incoming letters, copies of outgoing letters, and letters written by others on which Richards was copied reflecting requests for papers and publication submissions; software programs, manuals, and bug fixes; data sets and analyses; departmental issues; and general discussions about various topics related to Richards’ research interests and projects. There are also a few personal letters from friends interspersed throughout the series. Records primarily consist of correspondence, but also include invoices and receipts relating to the purchase of Richards’ software programs and manuals, as well as some newspaper clippings related to departmental issues.

Teaching records

Series consists of records documenting courses proposed, developed, or taught by Bill Richards over his career. It also includes recordings of guest lectures from his classes, and two dissertations by non-SFU PhD students that Richards mentored in social network analysis and his software program FATCAT. Records include correspondence, departmental memoranda, course syllabi and outlines, exams, assignments, evaluations, lecture notes, background literature, audio cassettes, and two dissertations.

Personal records

Series consists of records relating to Bill Richards’ employment at SFU, materials documenting his passing by the academic community, and a memorial service presentation featuring his photography and personal images from throughout his life. Records include correspondence, curriculum vitae, obituaries, and a DVD.

Photographic material

Series consists of photographic materials depicting people, programs and physical environment at Simon Fraser University. Subjects include SFU's architectural competition and design, interior and exterior architecture, opening ceremonies, presidential installations, students, faculty, and staff. In addition to contact sheets the series includes previously unnumbered photographic negatives and prints which cover a wide variety of subjects; slides of the Art, Science and Technology Fair, Discovery Fair and SFU Convocation Ceremonies; and prints of SFU's architecture.

Moving image recordings

Series consists of moving image recordings presented to or regarding W.A.C. Bennett. Series includes film reels and video cassettes created by public and private producers. Materials relate to activities and projects of the British Columbia government, and to the life of W.A.C. Bennett. Included are recordings of public ceremonies, interviews with Bennett, and biographical sketches of Bennett.

Items within the series vary in quality, with some recordings having no sound components. Some recordings are composed of out-takes which were spliced together.

Reference cassettes (U-Matic format) were produced to provide access to eleven of the items originally on film. Other items are in VHS cassette format originally or have had individual VHS cassette copies made of them. U-Matic and VHS cassettes were digitally copied to uncompressed .mov format. Three items are available on film only, including a film produced by the National Film Board, newsreel footage produced by M.G.M studios, and a film produced by the Mining Association of B.C. which was presented to W.A.C. Bennett, but is not directly related to Bennett himself.

Consulting records

Series consists of records relating to Mark Winston's role as an expert in the field of apiculture and includes correspondence with law firms, businesses, the news media, and work with film and television production companies reviewing scripts and "bee wrangling" on set. Series also consists of records relating to Winston's role as an expert in dialogue, facilitation, and leadership for various businesses, governments, and NGOs. Of particular note is his extensive consulting work with Action Canada.

Records include correspondence, contracts and invoices, reports, scripts and storyboards, working papers, presentation notes, and audio-visual materials.

Series is arranged into 2 sub-series:

  1. Apiculture
  2. Dialogue and facilitation

"Rereading Room: The Vancouver Women's Bookstore (1973-1996)" Belkin Gallery art installation

Series consists of an audio recording of a January 10, 2018 panel discussion with nine former volunteers with the Vancouver Women's Bookstore. The panel was moderated by Alexandra Bischoff and Vincent Tao. It formed part of a reunion celebration held at the Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery on the evening before the opening of the exhibition Beginning with the Seventies: Glut, which exhibited Bischoff's "Rereading Room," a reconstruction of the Vancouver Women's Bookstore.

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery

Moving images and audiovisual material

This series contains the various videotapes (and some cassettes and other multimedia formats) scattered throughout the collection. Some are professional copies, most are home recordings of various shows, most of which it is presumed LaPierre played a part or had an interest in.


This series consists of photographs, slides and negatives of LaPierre’s personal and professional activities over more than 60 years. There is no order at all to any of the groups of images, they are primarily labelled according to the original bankers box they were received in.

Records related to public speaking engagements

Due to the success of his broadcasting and writing careers, as well as his involvement with charitable organizations and service as a Senator, LaPierre was often called upon to speak at or chair events. This series, primarily correspondence, is comprised of records related to these engagements.

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