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Consulting records

Series consists of records relating to Mark Winston's role as an expert in the field of apiculture and includes correspondence with law firms, businesses, the news media, and work with film and television production companies reviewing script...

General scripts, screenplays and related records

Series consists of radio play scripts and various screenplays for film and television, including many in draft format, as well as story outlines, project notes and research, and a few articles written by Norman Klenman.


Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence of a personal and business nature between Rimmer and various members of the printing community, including Paul Duensing, Jules Remedios Faye, Richard L. Hopkins, Richard Kegler, Robert R. Rei...

Rimmer, Jim

In fine form: the Canadian Book of Form Poetry

Series consists of records relating to Braid's work on co-editing, along with Sandy Shreve, a publication on Canadian form poetry. Records include notes and contributions by form type, correspondence with writers, including PK Page, and drafts.

Commercial work

Series consists of sample, draft and completed commercial work produced by Rimmer as a free-lance designer employed by various companies, organizations and individuals. Records include items completed by Rimmer for Colophon Books, including Alison...

Rimmer, Jim

Professional records

Series consists of records generated from Neil’s work as a musician and artist. These include publicity materials, performance notes, set lists, exhibition files, grant applications, correspondence, original paintings, music scores, and essays abo...

Neil, Al

Reviews and clippings

Series includes newspaper and magazine articles and gallery publications mentioning Al Neil and his work as a musician, artist and writer.

Neil, Al

Works by other authors

Series consists of written works by other authors including drafts, articles, poems, and book manuscripts. In addition to these the series also includes collected published works by other authors including books, chapbooks, broadsides, journals, a...

Post-war Vancouver

This series is comprised of material associated with Ajaib’s life after World War II as he developed a successful business and started a family. Most of the images in this series come from a family album and are centered around Ajaib’s marriage t...


Series consists of publications produced by the Student Society and its affiliated groups. Includes student almanacs and handbooks, Society bulletins and newsletters, newspapers affiliated with the Society, journals, directories, guides, event fly...

Correspondence of Robin Blaser

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence with family, friends, and colleagues. Material includes handwritten and typed correspondence as well as facsimile and email correspondence of both a personal and professional nature. Addition...

Editorial files

Series consists of records generated from editorial work on chapbooks and issues of "filling Station" magazine. These include page proofs, edited submissions, commissioned artwork, writer’s guidelines, and production instructions.

Appointment calendars

Series consists of appointment calendars kept by Braid. The calendars document meetings with colleagues, friends, family, medical and other appointments, and other day-to-day events.

BC Book Prizes 2009

The materials in this series consist of media clippings, programs, pamphlets, bookmarks and promotional posters.

BC Book Prizes

Professional organizations

Series consists of records relating to Mark Winston's correspondence with, and participation on, local, national and international apiculture and other organizations. Records include correspondence, working papers, agendas, minutes, reports, ...

Papers, publications, reports

Series comprises miscellaneous publications relating to apiculture. Documents include booklets (including The Honey Flow, published in 1907), pamphlets, articles, reports, scholarly publications, bulletins, and catalogues.


Series consists of various types of textual ephemera, including newspaper clippings, event programs and ticket stubs, curriculum vitae of other colleagues, as well as other personal mementos and textual material.


This series consists of photographs, slides and negatives of LaPierre’s personal and professional activities over more than 60 years. There is no order at all to any of the groups of images, they are primarily labelled according to the original b...

Turning left to the ladies

Series consists of records relating to Braid's work on her book Turning Left to the Ladies. Records include drafts, correspondence with her publisher and editor, and drafts for the editor.

Subject files

Series consists of records related to specific projects and topics, including Rimmer’s participation in the design of the Burgess Italic typeface and the debate concerning its origins. Other records include photographs relating to printing in Vanc...

Rimmer, Jim

Pie Tree Press publications and related material

Series consists of material related to publications issued by Pie Tree Press, including books, prints, and broadsides. Includes material relating to Rimmer’s work on an abandoned book entitled “Fred Goudy, Type Designer,” and the development and p...

Rimmer, Jim


Series consists of Hari Sharma's correspondence with friends, colleagues, and peers. Series includes incoming letters and copies of outgoing letters that reflect his teaching and research interests, his involvement in revolutionary movements,...

Research files

Series consists of records arising from Sharma's research activities and conference participation. Series includes correspondence, research articles, notes, and other materials.

Cartoons and other artwork

Series consists of cartoons, drawings, sketch books, watercolours, illustrations, and prints by Peter Trower and by other artists.Series has been arranged into the following two sub-series: Cartoons and other artwork by Peter Trower (1949 to 1983)...

Correspondence of others

Series consists of correspondence of individuals other than Blaser, including poet Jack Spicer, artist Jess Collins, writer Stan Persky, Blaser’s partner David Farwell, Blaser’s mother Ina Blaser, Blaser’s maternal grandmother Sophia Auer, and oth...

Poetry readings and other performance records

Series consists of textual, visual, and audio materials related to poetry readings and performances of materials written by Blaser as well as other individuals. The series is divided into the following five sub-series: Readings and performances by...

Personal records and other biographical material

Series includes personal and biographical material, including Blaser’s birth certificate, records related to his honorary Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University, Blaser’s high school diploma, records related to his health towards the end of his life, ...

Prose – published book records

Series consists of material relating to the development of Peter Trower’s published novels and other prose collections, "Grogan's Cafe" (1993), "Dead Man’s Ticket" (1996), "The Judas Hills" (1996), and "Hell...

A Well-mannered Storm: the Glenn Gould Poems

Series consists of records relating to writing the poems about Glenn Gould and his music's affect on her, which occurred just as Braid found out she had gone deaf in one ear. Records include drafts, research on composers and composition, cor...

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