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Betty Krawczyk fonds
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File consists of newsletters from various community activism groups. Included are: December 2000 and November 2003 editions of the E.L.P. Newsletter (Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network), Free Betty, and Anarchist Black Cross – Dijon English Edition Newsbulletin. Some of the newsletters are accompanied by the envelopes in which Betty Krawczyk received them in. The file provides information on the activities of various organizations.

[Women in the Woods]

File consists of a membership list containing the name, address, phone number and e-mail address for each member; a pamphlet titled “Fury for the Sound: The Women at Clayoquot;” an advertisement for “Marker of Change: The Story of the Women’s Monument;” a draft of Lysistrata’s mandate; and an evaluation form.

Personal correspondence and related materials

Series consists of letters of correspondence, postcards, greeting cards, photographs, mailing address lists, prison correspondence lists, faxes, photocopies of letters, printed e-mails, excerpts from a magazine, newspaper clippings, a receipt, two calendars, earning reports, newsletters, a real estate advertisement, and drawings from Betty Krawczyk time in prison. Local, national, and international incoming and outgoing correspondence is included in this series. Some of the correspondence and its accompanying materials were received from Krawczyk’s family members and friends, while others are from strangers who read about her experiences in newspapers throughout the world. Some correspondence also includes proof samples of Krawczyk’s publications.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of letters of correspondence, envelopes, and greeting cards addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File also contains postcards, lists of addresses, handwritten notes, Christmas greetings, notes from children, and birthday cards. The correspondence is from Krawczyk’s family members, friends, and other individuals in North America and Europe.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File includes a fax cover sheet listing numerous people’s addresses, greeting cards, postcards, and handwritten and typed letters of correspondence. Many of the items are from the United Kingdom and Germany.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. Included in the file are: postcards, typed correspondence, handwritten correspondence, letters from children, and photocopies of correspondence. The majority of the correspondence comes from Europe and Canada.

[Betty Krawczyk with inmates]

Item is a negative of Betty Krawczyk posing with a group of inmates outside. Betty and another woman are holding a cake. The prison fence is in the background.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File includes a statement for the Supreme Court of British Columbia, handwritten letters, greeting cards, and envelopes. File consists of correspondence Krawczyk received while at the Alouette Correctional Centre for Women.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File contains greeting cards, handwritten and typed letters, envelopes, flyers, and a 2007 calendar. Some of the records are from Krawczyk’s family members.

[Greeting cards]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File contains, for the majority, greeting cards. File also includes three photographs, postcards, flyers, earnings reports, trust account slips, envelopes, and calendar pages.

[Santa and youth]

Item is a photograph print of a woman dressed as Santa beside a Christmas tree and posing with a youth.


File consists of three certificates awarded to Betty Krawczyk by the Institute of Indigenous Government (IIG). The following items are included: a Module 1 Certificate in Aboriginal Women’s Studies, a Module 3 Certificate in Aboriginal Women’s Studies, and a Module 4 Certificate in Aboriginal Women’s Studies.

[Prison records]

File consists of documents related to Betty Krawczyk’s internment. File includes handwritten notes regarding Krawczyk’s court case, a print out of an article from the Governor General of Canada website, a trust fund statement, earnings reports, receipts, trust account slips, and a behavioral report on Krawczyk titled “Burnaby Correctional for Women: Monthly Summary”.

[Case and notice]

File consists of Quicklaw case reports for MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. v. Simpson (B.C.C.A.) and a notice addressed to Betty Krawcyzk for her court case with Hayes Forest Services Limited.

[Court records and reports]

File consists of records related to Betty Krawczyk’s court cases. File includes correspondence, receipts, order forms, affidavits, speech notes, court notes, sentencing report, court reports regarding Krawcyzk’s appeal in the MacMillan Bloedel Limited case, and a Quicklaw report titled “International Forest Products Ltd. V. Kern.”

[Forms, receipts, and reports]

File consists of forms and receipts related to Betty Krawczyk’s incarceration. File contains receipts, special request forms, inmate complaint forms, trust account slips, visitor clearance request and check forms, and earning reports.

Prison receipts

File consists of receipts Betty Krawczyk received while at the Burnaby Correctional Centre for Women and the Alouette Correctional Centre for Women. Included in the file are: transfer cash to telephone forms, trust account slips, message forms, trust fund statements, request forms, canteen receipts, Government of British Columbia receipts, internal request forms, pink request forms, canteen request forms, emergency procedures forms, and earnings reports.

Dave Haffey

File consists of documents related to International Forest Products et al. v. Barney Kern et al., a court case Dave Haffey was involved in during the late 1990s. File includes photocopies of documents from a police file. File contains affidavits, exhibit items from a court case Haffey was involved in, affidavits, a list of Royal Canadian Mounted Police files, computer print-outs of photographs, photocopies of newspaper articles, and numerous pages of handwritten notes.

[Betty Krawczyk v. Peter Kiewit Sons Co.]

File consists of records regarding the Supreme Court of British Columbia case between Betty Krawczyk and Peter Kiewit Son Co. et al. File includes: reports titled “Provincial Defendants’ Outline Rule 18A,” “Pleadings and Authorities of Sea to Sky Highway Investment Limited Partnership,” “Reasons for Judgment,” and “Supplementary Written Submissions of Kevin Falcon, Minister of Transportation on British Columbia v. Zastowny.” File also contains a bound volume containing exhibits for the court case.

Mens Rea

File consists of court documents regarding an unknown court case. The file contains four copies of a transcript titled “Closing for Crown argument by Mr. Brundrett.”


File consists of three print-outs of online articles. One article is the Supreme Court of Canada’s R. v. Nasogaluak, 2010 SCC6. The two other print-outs are “About Publications Ban” on The Courts of British Columbia website, and “Bans on Publications” from the Attorney General website.

Actus Reus

File consists of three documents concerning Actus Reus. File includes an online article titled “Legal Definition of Actus Reus,” an online article titled “Actus Reus – Legal Definition,” and a court document titled “Appellant’s Factum” regarding the Regina v. Betty Krawczyk British Columbia Court of Appeal case.

Cruel + unusual

File consists of print-outs of online articles regarding environmental court cases. One article is titled “Supreme Court of Canada – Decisions – R. v. Smith (Edward Dewey),” while the other is “State v. Verdream, 2003 – Ohio – 7284.”

Additional arguments

File consists of Betty Krawczyk’s speeches while in court. File contains two untitled speeches and two speeches titled: “Summary and Indictment” and “Background.”

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