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CCUB (Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood)

This series consists of various documents that were created by the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) and its members and that relate to the operations of the CCUB and to the matters concerning the Doukhobor community from 1898 until 1960, predominantly from 1907 until 1939. The documents relate to the leadership of the organization, administration of office and membership, land and financial matters, relationship with the Canadian government agencies and the Sons of Freedom, beliefs and ideology of the Doukhobors. The CCUB was established by the Doukhobors that settled in Saskatchewan in the early 1900s. Most members of the organization moved to the West Kooteney region of British Columbia between 1907-1912. The organization was led by Peter V. Verigin (Lordly), spiritual leader of the Doukhobors, until his death in 1924. Peter P. Verigin (Chistiakov) took over the leadership of the CCUB in 1927. In the mid 1930s, in efforts to unite all the Doukhobors, Chistiakov created organization known as the Society of Named Doukhobors that was renamed the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC) in 1940s. In 1938, the CCUB as an organization was dissolved due to bankruptcy and the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC) replaced it.
This series is divided in to four sub-series: 1: Circular letters; 2: Correspondence; 3: Meeting minutes; 4: Documents; 5: Writings; 6: Financial records.


This series consists of clippings from various British Columbia newspapers between 1956-1971 depicting matters related to the Doukhobor community and other matters relating to Efanov‘s political interest, such as political cartoons, Winston Churchill and J. F. Kennedy. Many clippings depict marriage announcement of the Doukhobor members or their descendants.

Religious articles

This file consists of mimeographed articles in English. These articles are anonymous and deal with religious and dogmatic matters. These articles appear to belong to a series titled “The searching light”, “Tears of the poor”, “The secret word”, “The Samaritan”, “Wisdom and instruction”.

Articles by William Carson

This file consists of articles and essays written mostly by William Carson that focus on the Doukhobor community and its problems. His view appears to be favorable of the Doukhobor’s way of life and he expresses disapproval of the society’s and the British Columbia government attitude towards the Doukhobors. In some cases, the authorship of documents is unclear. William Carson was a head of the association called “The Human Rights Association” that tried to raise funds for the defense of the jailed Freedomites.

Lists of publications

This file consists of two mimeographed lists of publications available at George Sabo (Sabov) bookstore in Melbourne, Australia mailed to Efanov. Text in Russian. Includes envelope.

Writings, articles by others

This file consists of printed articles, writings, song texts, news articles reproductions, essays, letters, newspapers clippings that relate to the matters of Doukhobor community, Doukhobor protests and the Sons of Freedom.


This file contains five small notebook numbered no. 2-no. 7 and four small booklets without any numbering.

Writings, articles by others

This series consists of printed articles, writings, song texts, news articles reproductions, essays, letters, lists of publications, newspapers clippings all written by others and collected by Efanov. The subject matter of these records focuses on Doukhobor issues with the British Columbia government, Doukhobor’s protests, Doukhobor’s ways of life and beliefs and the Sons of Freedom. In some cases, authorship of the documents is unclear, but some of known authors include: I. Sysoev, J.E. Podovinikoff, Russell M. Verigin, Jack Sawatsky and Ray Herbert, G. Khadyin, I. Konkin, S. Sorokin, R. E. Morgan, W. Carson. Most documents are printed in English with a few exception in Russian.

Toilet paper diary set no. 3

This file contains 5 booklets made of toilet paper pads and 1 small lined notebook. Years covered in this file is unclear; dates refer to in lined notebook range from 1911-1949 and dates in toilet paper pads refer to 1935.

Diary no. 4

This file contains Efanov’s diaries no.4 covering years 1932-1948.

Diary no. 1 and no. 3

This file contains Efanov’s diaries no.1 covering years 1920-1929 and no.3 covering years 1930-1933.

Diary no. 2

This file contains Efanov’s diaries no.2 covering years 1924-1930.

Diary no. 5

This file contains Efanov’s diaries no.5 covering years 1923-1953.

Writings and commentaries

This file consists of writings and commentaries by Efanov, including his reproduction or his response to writings of others, such as P. V. Verigin, P. P. Verigin and I. I. Verigin. In addition, the file includes document: form of Declaration of Residence of Efanov and various notes, prayers and text of psalms or poetry. All documents are handwritten in Russian, except the form.


This file consists of empty correspondence envelops some with names and address, some with notes, some blank. Most are dated.

Diaries, journals and writings

This series consists of writing, commentaries, notes, songs texts, diaries and notebooks written by Efanov between 1911 and 1971. The dairies account for the majority of content in this series and provide significant insight to Efanov’s point of view. In addition, this collection of original Doukhobor diaries is the most extensive such collection in existence, as far as is known.
Four of these diaries exist in photocopies at UBC; one (only) of the photocopied diaries is the subject of Julie Rak's Negotiated Memory: Doukhobor Autobiographical Discourse (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2004). Most diaries are hand-written in notebooks of various sizes, though one group of at least 10 (some appear to be in multiple volumes), are written on toilet paper pads from prison. Most records are handwritten in Russian language, except for a document in English.

Letters reproduced by Efanov

This file consists of letters written by others and reproduced by Efanov, including letter to Vania Kuftinov from Yastrebov (Sorokin?) and to Ivan Pozniakov from Sorokin.

Outbound correspondence

This file consists of outbound letters from Efanov to individuals, organizations and communities, including G. Vereshchagin, House of Stein, I. Chutskov, I. Yeonbarev, Editorial team of Iskra, and the Doukhobor community by addressing letter to “Brothers and Sisters”. Some letters are undated and authorship is not clear. All are handwritten in Russian, except one letter in English.

Inbound correspondence

This file consist of inbound letters to Efanov. Letters’ authorship is not always clear, but senders include; Health For All Book Co., Named Doukhobor Society of Kanada, S. Yastrebov, V. Chernenkoff, Aleksei A. L., [Lekon?] A. L., United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, and F. N. Davidoff. All letters are in Russian, except for one in English and all letters but two are handwritten.


This series consists of correspondence between Efanov and various individuals and organizations that were a part of the Doukhobor community and some from beyond the community. The series contains Efanov’s inbound and outbound letters as well as letters reproduced by him, but written by Stephan Sorokin. Some letters are undated and authorship is not clear. All are handwritten in Russian, except for a few letters in English.

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