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UNS 75020

Photo Index frame descriptions (legacy data): (3-12) <3b>: Confederation Debate - history display, Open House (open house, 1975).
(3,6-10) <3b>: Cook, George - as Charles Tupper, history display, Open House (cook, george l.; faculty, history; open house, 1975).
(4,5,7,8) <3b>: Bumstead, Jack - as Joseph Howe, history display, Open House (bumstead, jack; faculty, history; open house, 1975).
(7,8) <3b>: Warren, Williams - history display, Open House (williams, warren; faculty, history; open house, 1975).
(11,12) <3b>: TV monitors, history display, Open House (television; open house, 1975).
(13-20) <3b>: Demonstration on mall against 3 week drop date (demonstrations; mall).

UNS 75019

Photo Index frame descriptions (legacy data): (2-16) <3b>: Cystic fibrosis swimmathon, SFU pool (swimmers).
(2,3) <3b>: Pipers at cystic fibrosis swimmathon, SFU pool (sfu pipe band; swimmers).
(17-20) <3b>: Shillow, Moshe - International Students Association, representative. portrait (shillow, moshe; international students association).

UNS 75018

Photo Index frame descriptions (legacy data): (1-21) <3b>: Open House displays (open house, 1975).
(1-6) <3b>: Dancers, centre for the arts display, theatre foyer, Open House (dancers; theatre; open house, 1975).
(7011) <3b>: Pond, Jim - wrestling display, Open House (pond, jim; wrestling; open house, 1975; athletics).
(12-14) <3b>: Banister, Eric - supervising ergometer, kinesiology display, Open House (banister, eric w.; scientific apparatus and instruments; health monitoring equipment; kinesiology; open house, 1975; faculty, kinesiology).
(15-17) <3b>: Lee, Linda - portrait (lee, linda).
(18-21) <3b>: Arnott, Aileen - playing pipes, east mall (arnott, aileen; sfu pipe band).
(21) <3b>: Arnott, Aileen - watched by dog while playing pipes, east mall (arnott, aileen; dogs; sfu pipe band).

UNS 75017

Photo Index frame descriptions (legacy data): (1-5) <2b>: Devries, William - with new km/h road signs, university entrance (devries, william; street signs; transportation centre).
(6-8) <2b>: View north - east mall, library, North Shore, AQ (views, north; mall; w.a.c. bennett library, exterior; academic quadrangle, exterior; north shore).
(9) <2b>: View west - mall, rotunda (views, west; mall; rotunda).
(10-12) <2b>: View north - AQ, CC, North Shore (views, north; academic quadrangle, exterior; classroom complex, exterior; north shore).

UNS 75015

Photo Index frame descriptions (legacy data): (1-8) <3b>: Clavier, Reva - staff, w.a.c. bennett library. portrait (clavier, reva; staff, w.a.c. bennett library).
(9-15) <3b>: Derpak, Janice - students, PDP. portrait (derpak, janice; students, professional development program).
(16) <3b>: BoG meeting - Pauline Jewett, Jack Blaney, Harry Evans (board of governors; jewett, pauline; blaney, jack p.; evans, harry m.; administrators; presidents).

UNS 75014

Photo Index frame descriptions (legacy data): (2,3) <3b>: Open House display - WW II era newspaper (newspapers; open house, 1975).
(2-18) <3b>: Open House (open house, 1975).
(4-7) <3b>: Pipers, Open House (sfu pipe band; open house, 1975).
(12-14) <3b>: Pipers & Highland dancer, Open House (sfu pipe band; dancers; open house, 1975).
(8-11) <3b>: Parachute jumping into AQ courtyard, Open House (parachutes; academic quadrangle, exterior; open house, 1975).
(15-18) <3b>: Jewett, Pauline - speaking at Open House (jewett, pauline; open house, 1975; presidents).
(19,20) <3b>: Mennell, Crista - portrait (mennell, crista).
(21) <3b>: Mennell, Ken - portrait (mennell, kenneth j.; staff, university news service).

Caroline Adderson fonds

  • MsC-40
  • Fonds
  • 1986

The collection consists of materials that relate to Caroline Adderson's work as a writer. Types of materials include: versions of drafts of manuscripts, many with holograph annotations; incoming and outgoing correspondence in the form of handwritten and typewritten letters, and hard copies of email and fax; research relating to her work including collected works by other writers; notes that relate to and inform her literary work; promotional, personal, and research-related photographs; reviews of her work; and a collection of published work in monograph and serial format. These monographs and serials have been catalogued in SFU's Special Collections catalogue. Materials were accessioned in varying states of organization. Much of the material was and remains intermingled, and some had been organized and described by Adderson. Some folders have been written upon by the author, accompanied with explanations of the contents of the corresponding files. In this finding aid, RAD applies consistency to the body of material, but the descriptive contents within the actual folders are not consistent for this reason. All information Adderson has provided about her records has been kept with the appropriate papers.

Adderson, Caroline

SFU: raw, views of campus

Raw footage of SFU Burnaby campus with some unscripted commentary shot on 20 October 1987 by Frank Campbell of SFU's Instructional Media Centre. Opens with scenes of people walking on campus. A plane is heard flying overhead. The camera turns towards a view over the city of Vancouver and then pans back out. A student is seen walking across the field next to the theatre. In the next shot, voices and footsteps can be heard. Students are shown studying outside in the sunshine. In the next scene, a gentleman speaks briefly to the camera. The footage ends zoomed in on a student reading a book.

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