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File consists of a booklet titled “Pacific Vision: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom,” a report detailing the mandate of The Canadian Party of Women titled “Focus on Women,” a photocopy of a cash receipt for the YWCA of Vancouver, and handwritten notes.

[Pamphlet, booklet, and notes]

File consists of a pamphlet for lawyer referral services, online print-outs of Shakespeare’s Henry V, notes regarding POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants), protest song lyrics, and a booklet titled “Synchronoptical World History Chart” which provides information on the history of the world.


File consists of a newspaper clipping of a Letter to the Editor regarding Kevin Falcon threatening Eagleridge protesters, May and September 2007 editions of “The Advocate,” and a 2005 calendar titled “Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs at Horseshoe Bay.”

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of letters of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. Correspondence is in relation to Krawczyk’s purchase of property, submission to a Lesbian Writers Fund, the publication of “The Clayquot: The Sound of my Heart,” and political affiliations. The file also contains two postcards, an envelope, and three photographs.

[Incoming correspondence, undated]

File consists of letters of correspondence, greeting cards, and postcards addressed to Betty Krawczyk. The majority of correspondence is from the United Kingdom. File also includes a brown paper bread bag that has been signed by many people and is decorated with drawings of trees.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of letters of correspondence and greeting cards addressed to Betty Krawczyk. Accompanying materials include a calendar and envelopes. The correspondence originates from Canada and Europe.

[Incoming correspondence]

File contains correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. Included in the file are: typed correspondence, Earth Liberation Prisoner Newsletter, greeting cards, handwritten letters of correspondence, postcards, a petition to the Prime Minister of Canada, print-outs of e-mails, and an excerpt from Ascent Magazine. Correspondence originates from North America and Europe.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File includes: postcards, greeting cards, typed letters of correspondence, handwritten letters of correspondence, envelopes, deposit slips, and photocopies of newspaper clippings. Correspondence originates from Krawczyk’s family and other individuals in British Columbia.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File contains envelopes, flyers for book publications, photocopies of a book chapter, newspaper comics, a receipt, typed and handwritten letters, speech notes from Krawczyk’s daughter in regard to her mother’s incarceration, greeting cards, two photograph negatives, and one photograph print.

[Incoming correspondence]

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File contains typed letters, greeting cards, two drawings made by children, and printed e-mails.


File contains incoming correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk. File includes envelopes, handwritten and typed letters, post-it notes, greeting cards, a pay record, flyers, and pages from a calendar. The file also contains a document handwritten by Krawczyk that documents her time in prison.

#12 Damian

File consists of correspondence addressed to Betty Krawczyk and Madam Justice Brown. File includes a protest sticker, typed letters, printed e-mails, a biographical sketch of Rebecca Hall, resumes, greeting cards, envelopes, flyers, an excerpt from the journal "Geoscience Canada," "Victoria Street Newz" newsletter, and an award for Misbehaving Woman of the Year.

[Online correspondence]

File consists of printed online correspondence. File includes lists of people’s names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, postal address, and a short biography. A laminated ReMax advertisement for a home in Comox Valley is also included in the file.

[Prison correspondence]

File consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence for Betty Krawczyk. Included are typed notes regarding life in prison by Kathy Grimsson and handwritten and typed incoming correspondence. Krawczyk’s outgoing correspondence includes a report she wrote titled “About the Elaho” and a typed letter.


Series consists of course outlines, certificates, articles, print-outs of PowerPoint slides, and notes written by Betty Krawczyk when completing courses from the Institute of Indigenous Government concerning Aboriginal Women’s Studies. File also includes one Simon Fraser University course outline.


File consists of handwritten notes and PowerPoint slides on self-mutilation, self-harm, and Aboriginal women’s studies. There are also print-outs of the following online documents: “HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C in Prisons: The Facts”; “High-Risk Behaviours Behind Bars”; “Aboriginal Prisoners and HIV/AIDS”; and “Third Annual Women of the Earth Awards in Canada.”

Legal records and related materials

Series consists of legal reports, court statements, affidavits, legal notices, court speeches, financial papers, request forms, behavioral reports, and government correspondence with Betty Krawczyk. Series also contains research Krawczyk performed while preparing for her court cases. There are numerous copies of diverse legal acts and other court case examples from throughout North America.

Prison stuff

File consists of documents related to Betty Krawczyk’s internment at Alouette Correctional Centre for Women. File includes personal property request forms, excerpts from the "Inmate Handbook," and flyers.

[Walbran blockade]

File consists of records regarding the Walbran Blockade. File includes printed e-mails, computer print-outs of black and white photographs, press releases, a photocopy of a section of a map, and notes. File also contains copies of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) documents such as a Criminal Registry, reports, official statements, transcripts, and photocopies of arrest documents.


File consists of press releases and newspaper clippings that were obtained from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as evidence in court.

Case law other

File consists of reports related to other environmental court cases. File contains Quicklaw report titled “MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. v. Simpson,” excerpts from The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Quicklaw report titled “R. v. Lewis”.

Letters to Madam Justice Brown

File consists of letters that were sent to Madam Justice Brown in support of Betty Krawczyk. File contains handwritten and typed letters, envelopes, and photocopies of newspaper articles. The file also includes letters, greeting cards, and printed e-mails addressed to Krawczyk expressing support.

[Forms and studies]

File consists of information from studies conducted while Betty Krawczyk was in prison. The file includes: transcript and signed consent for interviews conducted between Betty Krawczyk and Tiffany Madden, transfer cash to telephone forms, canteen request forms, and a consent form for a University of British Columbia study on ACCW inmate health issues.

[Court of Appeal]

File consists of proceedings from the Court of Appeal, including transcripts from the court case, a list of demands for documents, computer printed photographs, photocopied correspondence, and notices.

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