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Simon Fraser University Special Collections and Rare Books Doukhobor collection
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This file consists of song text, message, appeal, protocol, list of documents, resolution and clipping. It includes an appeal to the brotherhood of working people by the Russian anti-military movement; a prophetical message; a resolution of the Sons of Freedom in regards to their children’s education; an anonymous letter considering the Russian Eastern Orthodox and Doukhobor beliefs as well as a list of documents created by the Sons of Freedom between years 1928-1951.

[Writings, correspondence general]

This file consists of a circular letter, a letter from Evsia Ogloff to Nasti I. Ogloff, a short article titled: “Attention - visiting guests from the U.S.S.R.” and a draft copy of an untitled essay.

[Writings, articles, song]

This file consists of writings, articles, letters, song, accounts by various authors including: I. Barisoff, Biriukoff, P. Sergieveski. These documents relate to the history and aspects of ideology of the Doukhobor community. Some of the documents include: Plan of activity of the Brotherhood by Biriukoff; an account of Relocation of Larion Kalmykov to Caucasus; an excerpt from publication with letters by [Peter V. Verigin?]; article: Trista let s…, (1912); writing: Doukhobor answer to the veterans resolution of Feb. 13th 1919: Toil and peaceful life; Doukhobors on the Crossroads. Also, it contains a text of Doukhobor song “Pesnia” printed on the original CCUB of Alberta Limited letterhead. This file contains a few original mimeographs, but most of the documents are photocopies. Most of the documents are in Russian, except for three in English.

[Women's protests]

This file consists of message from superintendent of R.C.M.P. in Nelson in regards to articles being published in Iskra by women that stir the Doukhobor community, accompanied by the copy of the article.

[Women statements and letters]

This file consists of correspondence and statements by the Doukhobor women relating to arson and imprisonment mostly between 1972 and 1986. Authors and subject of the documents include: Tanya Ostrikoff, Mary Malakoff, Mary Astoforoff, Tina Zmaeff, Vera Posnikoff, Polly Chernoff, Mary Braun. This file also includes telegram (1929) from S. F. Tolmie to Prime Minster McKenzie King regarding disruptions caused by the Doukhobors and their imprisonment.

[Women in prison]

This file consists of letters, statements and declarations of women imprisoned in Oakalla prison. Most of records date between 1971 and 1982. Records are addressed to various prominent members of the Doukhobor community, government officials and editors of newspapers.

[Women in prison]

This file consists of statements provided by women imprisoned in Oakalla prison, including: T. Zmaeff, P. Chernoff, M. Malakoff, M. Astaforoff, A. Kootnikoff and men including: F. Hadikin, P. Perepolkin. In addition, the file contains newspaper clippings.

[Women committee]

This file consists of clippings, letters, petitions, and statements that relate to the Doukhobor and the Sons of Freedom women and men’s imprisonment in Agassiz and Kingston as well as to the matter of children’s removal. Documents are often signed by Doukhobor Mothers or Women Committee as well as by the individual members of these groups.

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