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Simon Fraser University Special Collections and Rare Books Series
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Series consists of the publications and other records generated from the publishing activity of housepress over its seven-year existence. Series contains the following sub-series: housepress publications (1997–2007), Editorial files (1997–[before 2005]), Administrative files (1998–2004), Financial records (1999–2007), Electronic file backups ([ca. 1999]–[ca. 2003]), and Objects ([between 1997 and 2004]).


Yvonne Klan records

Series consists of material relating to Peter Trower’s partner Yvonne Klan and her writing endeavours. Includes a published article written by Klan, a review of her book "The Old Red Shirt" and a draft of Trower’s introduction to the book, as well as another article and several tributes to Klan written after her death in 2004.

Written works records

Series consists of written works by Billy and related materials. Records include drafts, notes, handmade magnets, event posters, newsletters that feature Billy’s work, Billy’s column in The Squamish Chief newspaper and two cassette tapes with speeches.

Written works by Blaser

Series consists of written works by Blaser. Material includes drafts, unpublished and published poetry, essays, opera librettos, music lyrics, book manuscripts, journals and notes, speeches, grant applications, and promotional comments. The series is divided into the following six sub-series: Poems; Essays; Book manuscripts; The Last Supper opera libretto draft, revisions and final text; Published works; and General works.

Writings, speeches

This series consists of writings authored or co-authored by J. J. Verigin and his conversations and speeches recorded by others.

Writings, articles by others

This series consists of printed articles, writings, song texts, news articles reproductions, essays, letters, lists of publications, newspapers clippings all written by others and collected by Efanov. The subject matter of these records focuses on Doukhobor issues with the British Columbia government, Doukhobor’s protests, Doukhobor’s ways of life and beliefs and the Sons of Freedom. In some cases, authorship of the documents is unclear, but some of known authors include: I. Sysoev, J.E. Podovinikoff, Russell M. Verigin, Jack Sawatsky and Ray Herbert, G. Khadyin, I. Konkin, S. Sorokin, R. E. Morgan, W. Carson. Most documents are printed in English with a few exception in Russian.

Writings and related records

Series consists of works written by Wah as well as other types of records relating to Wah's writing. It contains writing drafts, manuscript pages, and published works of Wah's, as well as related records such as notes, correspondence, research records, and reviews of Wah’s works written by others.

The records in this series have been arranged into the following three sub-series: Diamond grill records, Faking it records, and General records.

Writings and related records

File consists of records related to the writing and editorial activities of Gladys Maria Hindmarch. The majority of the records document work on Hindmarch's 1988 book "The Watery Part of the World," with a smaller number of records relating to her other books and her works of short prose. Series also includes records relating to her editorial work for a proposed women's magazine. Records include drafts, manuscripts, notes, correspondence, and research records.

Series has been divided into the following two sub-series: "The watery part of the world records" (1964-1988) and "General writings and related records" (1960-1991).

Writings and correspondence

This series consists primarily of Ruth’s correspondence regarding certain dance pieces, her personal notes and writings, or articles she authored for publication.

Writings about P.V. Verigin

This series consist of letters, writings and notes about P. V. Verigin’s life and work by various individuals and organizations, such as CCUB that interacted with him closely. Many of the documents refer to and were written after the death of Verigin in 1924. The file includes articles about Verigin’s return from exile in Siberia by A.V. Efanov and “P. V. Verigin and Molokan” by A. P. Kariakin. Series also includes Anastasia Hoboloff’s account of her dream about P. V. Verigin. Other documents are by I. Konkin, V.S.L., Larion Straukov, Ivan Okunov, S. Vereshagin, I. Tregubov. Some documents do not indicate authors. Documents are mostly in Russian.


  • MsC-128-0-2
  • Series
  • [196-?]–[before 2010]; predominant 1972–1982
  • Part of Al Neil fonds

Series contains handwritten and typed manuscripts, notebooks, fragments, published writings by Al Neil, and writings and drawing by others. Series has been arranged into the following three sub-series: Original manuscripts ([196-?]–[before 2010]), Published writings ([1951]–1989), and Works of others (1965–1994).

Neil, Al


Series consists of records generated from Beaulieu’s work as an author, editor, academic and teacher. Records include research, correspondence, contracts, proofs at various stages of production, drafts, transcriptions and publications. Series is arranged into the following sub-series: Poetry and book files (1996–2014); Article files (1998–[before 2015]); Academic research and writings (1991–2014); Writings by students (2008–2015); Writings by others (2005–2013) and Handmade books ([before 2009]).


This series contains textual materials that Martin Bartlett wrote during the course of his career. Some are academic texts on composition and the use of electronics or tuning systems. Others are published works from yachting magazines, others are musings on the nature of art, beauty, and nature. There is also some information from grant applications and concert programs.

Works of others

Series consists of records accumulated by Gladys Maria Hindmarch, created by or related to other people or organizations, primarily friends and fellow writers. Files in this series are predominantly made up of works of other writers, with a small number of records about those writers also included in some files. Record types include writing drafts and published works.

Works of other writers

Series documents Stanley’s interactions with other writers and their work. Includes copies of other writers’ work sent to Stanley, Stanley’s suggestions, as well as published articles about the writers themselves and their work.

Series includes manuscripts, typescripts, posters, pamphlets, and newspaper cuttings.

Stanley, George Anthony

Works by others regarding Jim Rimmer

Series consists of works created by others relating to Jim Rimmer. Included are articles pertaining to Rimmer; journals, broadsides and pamphlets set in Rimmer typefaces; and memorial books. Series also includes records relating to the staging of ‘Rimmerfest’ at the SFU Vancouver campus in the fall of 2006. These records include electronic copies and colour printouts of photographs taken at ‘Rimmerfest’ and for a video presentation at the event; writings about Jim; a guestbook; and nineteen broadsides produced by friends and colleagues for the event.

Rimmer, Jim

Works by other authors

Series consists of written works by other authors including drafts, articles, poems, and book manuscripts. In addition to these the series also includes collected published works by other authors including books, chapbooks, broadsides, journals, and other types of published materials. The series is divided into two sub-series: Collected publications; and General works.

Works by other authors

Series consists of various works written by other authors, mainly those from British Columbia, either collected by Peter Trower or sent to him by others. Includes drafts as well as published versions of of poetry, articles, and essays. Some works contain editorial marks or comments by Trower, and some are signed by the author. Includes works by Joe Denham, britt hagarty, Patrick Lane, Curt Lang, Jamie Mandelkau, John Moore, Cath Morris, George Payerle, Greg Potter, Jamie Reid, Howard White, Jim Green, Carl Chrismas, Dorothy Livesay, David Day, and James Lewis, among others.

Works by Duncan McNaughton and others

This series consists of material found throughout the fonds of which Colin Stuart was not the creator. Primarily these were generated by Colin's good friend, Duncan McNaughton, but other authors are represented as well. The final file in the series contains transcriptions of some of Colin's work, compiled by his sister on the 1-year anniversary of his passing.

Women's activism records

Series consists of records relating to Billy’s involvement in women’s activism. Records include Happy International Women’s Day cards, Defiant Women’s Support Fund records, awards, news clippings and photographs.

Wildflowers of British Columbia: General

Series consists of twenty-two pen and watercolour drawings and two posters made by George Kuthan in 1959 portraying wildflowers and wild animals of British Columbia. The posters illustrate a short biography and the title of his collection.

Website records

Series consists of correspondence relating to the development of Peter Trower’s website, and some print outs of website pages.

Virtual bookstore venture records

Series consists of records generated from the operation of Duthie’s online bookstore, launched in Spring 1994. Duthie Books’ virtual bookstore was a browsable database containing 50,000 titles in 150 subject areas indexed by author, title, subject and ISBN. The bookstore was located at


Series consists of video recordings including copies of Duke’s cinematic productions, interviews and award presentations.

Video recordings

Series contains home movies on VHS, copies of video produced for the Al Neil Project in 2005, and one video reel recording of two Al Neil performances.

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