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Stephan S. Sorokin fonds
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[S. S. Sorokin & CCBRD - 1957]

Some of the correspondents include: Vassily Pozdnikoff, M. Khodikin, A. Markova, W. M. Moojelsky, Ivan Kuznetsov, Union of Youth, A. M. Aceev, Ivan Chernov, and I. I. Perepelkin.

[S. S. Sorokin & CCBRD - 1958]

Some of the correspondents include: Nikolai Novakshonov, G. Khodikin, S. Tomilin, Ivan Kuznetsov, Joe Podovinikoff, W. M. Moojelsky, Ivan Ostrikov, Fedosia Pozdniekov, Petr Iliasov, and Ivan Chernov. This file contains many handwritten letters.

[S. S. Sorokin & CCBRD - 1962]

This file includes reports from W. M. Moojelsky’s court case in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Some of the correspondents include: I. I. Perepelkin, Water Siegmeister (Brazil), Joseph Podovinikoff, and G. Khadikin.

[Drafts of various writings and essays]

This file includes 1 prints of Sorokin’s portraits, draft essays – New Gospel; Hidden secret of wisdom of our life; Life – this intelligent self-consciousness of the son of men; New understanding; Recognition. Some writings are not dated.

[Draft of Sorokin’s book and related correspondence]

This file contains a draft of book written in 1940s by S. Sorokin under the pseudonym Pantes Kiroson titled: Three days and three nights of life beyond the grave. This file also contains related correspondence and a sample draft of Through hell, to heaven, and back, a book by Vassily Solitsin which Sorokin’s family claims to be based on Sorokin’s book, thus was violating the copyright. In the correspondence, Steve Lapshinoff, on behalf of Sorokin’s family, demands withdraw of fraudulent copies.

[Identity documents]

This file contains identification documents (some with photographs) issued to Sorokin by agencies of German government, Uruguay, Canada, Iran, Bolivia, Yugoslavia.

Audio-visual records

This series consists of audio-visual recordings of performances of Krestova Youth Choir during the EXPO 1986 as well as audio recordings of singing and Sorokin’s speeches during his visit to the Doukhobor villages in British Columbia in 1954.

[Sheet 14]

Nude individuals, views of village and water wheel, view of lake, group photos in the forests and in the field, large community groups.

[Sheet 15]

Individuals by the lake and in the forest, view of a village, view of a lake, view of a boat.

[S. S. Sorokin & CCBRD - 1955]

Some of the correspondents include: W. M. Moojelsky, A. Aseev, K. Platunov, Fedosia Pozdniekov, A. Kolesnikov, S. Tomilin, A. A. Popoff, Semen Rybin, Petr Markin, Nikolai Novakshonov, Ivan G. Bondarev, I. and I. Perepelkin.

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