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[Verigin Fedosia and Hoboloff, Anastasia]

This file consists of a memorial book and program of Fedosia Verigin’s funeral, article about Anastasia Holoboff by John W. Friesen, notes, newspaper clipping, and photographs depicting Anastasia and Fedosia life in Alberta, including their funerals.

T.B. Bottomore on Karl Marx

Also held by SFU library's Media Resource Centre in 16mm and DVD formats: "An interview with T.B. Bottomore, one of the world's foremost Marxist scholars, in which he discusses the problems of interpretation of Marx's life and work due to the 'great difference there is between the conditions in which Marx produced his work and the conditions in which people interpret his work today.'"

Oasis in the Desert

"A documentary look at storefront fundamentalism on Vancouver’s skid road. Shot in black and white by Ronald Precious, [the film] is a five minute portrait of Melinda Thorne, a black Chicago missionary who ministers to the down and outs in our own city." [Michael Walsh, "Student film mood: Calmness supplants revolution," ca. 1973 article]; "(Filmmaker's first 16mm documentary film, shot in Double-X and Plus-X Negative.) The film deals with the work of one woman, Malinda [sic?] Thorne and her efforts to relieve some of the loneliness and despair experienced by those living in Vancouver's Skidrow." [Spring Arts Festival, March 11-April 8, S.F.U. Film Workshop Productions 1973, program]. Precious (director) continues to work in film: He was also part of primary film crews during Greenpeace's early days (1975-79):

Times 3

"A 5 -minute black and white film by Marilynn Kansky. A study in isolation and personality, it is not unlike the films once turned out by American avante gardist Maya Deren." [Michael Walsh, "Student film mood: Calmness supplants revolution," ca. 1973 article]; "The film is based on the following thoughts by the filmmaker: … ‘Each person is a thousand selves. Blending and fading from one to the other. For life is an ongoing process.’ M.K." [Spring Arts Festival, March 11-April 8, S.F.U. Film Workshop Productions 1973, program]

Ivory Founts

"An 18-minute parody on the business of making movies in Canada. Actually a film-within-a-film, it represents itself as a documentary in the making of Oblivion, an awful film that has met with surprising critical success. Oblivion, shot in color, is unreeled as part of the surrounding documentary, shot in black and white but printed on color stock to give it a hint of tint. The film is actually a Workshop group project and in it the group‚Äôs own fascination with film, its possibilities and its paradoxes get a thorough, if light-hearted going-over." [Michael Walsh, "Student film mood: Calmness supplants revolution," Province?, ca. 1973]; "Aikenhead is an alumnus of the Ontario Arts Council‚Äôs film apprentice program who is now studying at Simon Fraser University. Ivory Founts was a funnier and more sophisticated filmmaker-making-a-film film than any other I have seen. This type of approach seems mandatory at student film festivals. I was uncomfortable that he won top prize, but his film worked. He put into it just about every clich?©d image of the filmmaker imaginable. It was a fun film." [Kirwan Cox, "Opinion: The Canadian Film Festival," Cinema Canada, October/January 1973/74, no. 10-11, pp. 76-77.]; "(This film was produced as a Group Project for 16mm Workshop, shot in Eastman Colour Negative 7254, 4-X Negative, Double-X Neg, and printed on colour print stock.) The Filmmaker‚Äôs notes for this film:
"Sometimes, above the gross and palpable things
Of this diurnal sphere, his spirit flies
On awful wing; and with its destined skies
Holds premature and mystic communings:
Till such unearthly intercourses shed
A visible halo round his mortal head". - Keats" [Spring Arts Festival, March 11-April 8, S.F.U. Film Workshop Productions 1973, program] Won the Norman McLaren prize (for best film of the festival) at the 5th Canadian Student Film Festival, Montreal, 1973. [Cox article]; Participated in the International Student Film Festival – "Cinestud ‘73" in Amsterdam, Netherlands." [SFU News Release, 25 March 1974]. Director Aikenhead continues to work in the film industry:

Garden of Eden

"Mary Ann McKewan’s … brightly written satire shot in color in a botanical greenhouse at UBC. Skillfully photographed by Fred Easton, the movie leaves no doubt that its Eve (Valerie Ambrose) is properly undressed for the part, yet preserves her maidenly modesty for its full seven minutes." [Michael Walsh, "Student film mood: Calmness supplants revolution," ca. 1973 article]; "(Filmmaker’s first 16mm film, shot in 7241 colour reversal camera stock.) An irreverent look at ‘The Original Sin’." [Spring Arts Festival, March 11-April 8, S.F.U. Film Workshop Productions 1973, program]

The Royal Omission on the Status of Women

"A collage of clips from TV commercials. Why are women so tired and what can you do about ... " [SFU Film Workshop Retrospective list]; "A collage of dips [sic] from T.V. commercials; Why are women so tired and what you can do about it. Exceptional technique, not your everyday 'Putney Swope' or 'Groove Tube.'" [1974 SFU press release]; "Clips of ads with narration overtop." [Films by the S.F.U. Film Workshop, Wednesday, March 29, 1972, program annotation]

Larissa Lai fonds

  • MsC-96
  • Fonds
  • 1976-2006

The fonds consists mainly of textual materials, including notes and drafts of Lai’s works, numerous calendars and datebooks, school materials, and material related to her activism and arts involvement. There are also a large number of photocopied reference materials on such subjects as the arts, gay and lesbian issues, racism and feminism, and Chinese culture. There are a small number of photographs and negatives, and a wide variety of audio-visual media such as cassette tapes, Hi8 cassettes, broadcast video cassettes, and various computer media.

Lai, Larissa

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