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[W.T. Arishenkoff's records]

This file consist of William (Vasily) T. Arishenkoff’s (Areshenkoff) records including outgoing and incoming correspondence, telegrams, forms, government publications, lists, reports, notebook, meeting resolutions, and protocols. Arishenkoff was a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Named Doukhobors of Canada in Saskatchewan from 1930s to 1950s. These files include Arishenkoff’s correspondence with Peter Reibin accompanied by other letters that Reibin refers to in his correspondence. Other sender, recipients, and co-authors of documents includes: Peter Abrosimoff (Abrosimov), V. Konkin, Gregori Konkin, P. Ribaikin, N. Popoff, V. A. Sukharov, V. Dumov, S. Kondratov, F. F. Salovev, P. W. Streliev, W. F. Cheveldeiff, P. Negreiv, P. Makaroff, the Named Doukhobor Society of Canada, Federation of Russian- Canadians, Humphrey Mitchell (Minister of Labor), National War Service Department. The subject of these records is the USCC response to the Canadian government requirement of men registration for the military conscription purposes in 1940. These documents refer to the Doukhobor communities in B.C. and Saskatchewan.

Financial records

This sub-series consists of records relating to financial operation of the USCC and the Doukhobor community in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The sub-series includes: accounting ledger, correspondence, bills, receipts, notes, statements and reports.

[Exemption of military service documents]

This file consist of records relating to the Canadian government requirement of men registration for the military conscription purposes in 1940 and The Society of Named Doukhobors members efforts to be exempt from conscription based on their doctrine and beliefs. This file contains: forms, lists, resolutions, protocols, statements, transcript of meetings with the National Service Board, the Society of Named Doukhobor correspondence with the government officials as well as correspondence between members (Arishenkoff, Reibin,P. Makoroff, J. M. Chernenkoff, F. Legebokoff), unemployed and profession registration forms, an excerpt from bill amending registration and conscription law, and newspaper clippings. In addition, the file contains a transcript of meeting in Calgary in 1941 between P. Reibin as representative of Doukobors and Mr. Stuart representing the government.

War related documents

This sub-series consists of records relating to the Canadian government requirement of men registration for the military conscription purposes in 1940 and the Society of Named Doukhobor members efforts to be exempt from conscription based on their doctrine and beliefs.

[The USCC resolution and membership list]

This file consists of a photocopy of resolution stating that members of the USCC will separate themselves from and not cooperate with the “fanatics” and a list of the USCC members that are undertaking this resolution.

[Writings, correspondence general]

This file consists of a circular letter, a letter from Evsia Ogloff to Nasti I. Ogloff, a short article titled: “Attention - visiting guests from the U.S.S.R.” and a draft copy of an untitled essay.

[Operation Dismantle]

This file consists of newspaper clippings, meeting report and proposal by Bob Brisco that relate to the Operation Dismantle aiming at world peace and nuclear disarmament and to the Doukhobors being seen as the advocates for peace.

[Legal documents]

This file consist of legal forms including: an application to renounce Canadian Citizenship and a search warrant.

[Reports, protocols]

This file consists of various documents prepared by the USCC members, including reports, meeting minutes, protocols, proclamations, letters, petitions. These documents include: Arishenkoff’s appeal to Congress of the USCC.; a report for the youth festival of the USCC; Alberta Doukhobors meeting minutes in Lundbreck, 1947; a protocol arising from meeting in Brilliant 1949 led by M. P. Cheveldeev and V. Koftinoff; a petition with apologies for the acts of violence, Oakalla Prison Farm, 1950; protocol of meeting in Oakalla Prison Farm in 1950 and resulting proclamation and letters to the Canadian authorities; a petition to the Canadian government for protection against arsonists, 1975.

[Nick D. Arishenkoff historical documents]

This file contains photocopies of variety of documents including: P. V. Verigin’s circular letters, a letter to editor of New Russian Word from the CCUB, an essay “Defeat of Doukhobor community in Canada” by I. Tregubov, a letter of P.P. Verigin to V. I. Makhonin, a community order from the CCUB, a court order for Arishenkoff, the CCUB financial reports 1928-1938, letter with description of the Sion Improvement District Water Supply (supplied with English translation), song texts, recollection of Nick D. Arshenkoff presented by Eli Popoff.

General documents

This sub-series consists of various documents that were created by the USCC and its members and that relate to the operations of the USCC and matters relating to the Doukhobor community from late 1930s until 1984. The documents include: reports, meeting minutes, protocols, petitions, correspondence, legal documents, forms, essays, articles, and clippings.

USCC (The Union of Spiritual Community of Christ)

This series consists of various documents that were created by Union of Spiritual Community of Christ (USCC) and its members and that relate to the operations of the USCC and to the matters concerning the Doukhobor community from late 1908 until 1999, predominantly 1938-1960s. The USCC emerged in mid 1930s in efforts to unite the Doukhobor community under the name of the Society of Named Doukhobors which was guided Peter P. Verigin (Chistiakov). In 1938, the CCUB was dissolved due to bankruptcy. After the death of Peter P. Verigin in 1939, the leadership of the organization was continued by John J. Verigin, Peter’s grandson. The Society of Named Doukhobors change its name to the USCC in the early 1940s. The records are in Russian and/or English; some are printed and some are handwritten, some have accompanying transcriptions and/or translations; some are original documents and some are photocopies.
This series is divided in to four sub-series: 1: General Documents; 2: War related documents; 3: Financial records; 4: Ephemera and publications; 5: Event records.

[CCUB vs. National Trust Company]

This file consists of official papers relating to the case of the National Trust Company vs. Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB), 1938, detailing the proceedings of the case and bankruptcy of the CCUB after death of P. P. Verigin. This file also includes manuscript with lengthy accounts from late 1920s-1930s of the holdings of the CCUB, and the economics of the Doukhobor community. In addition, this file includes three accounting sheets listing various community members in BC between years of 1908-1925.

[Financial correspondence]

This file consists of financial matters correspondence with supporting documents (cheques, statements, reports) of M. Cazakoff in Verigin, Saskatchewan with V. Ribin, J. Shukin and the other CCUB executive members in of Brilliant, BC. This file also contains Cazakoff’s correspondence with the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, the Canadian Bank of Commerce in Winnipeg and Brilliant Branch’s correspondence with Beaver Lumber Co. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Some correspondence refers to court case of Beaver Lumber Co. against William Sharstabitoff. Most documents are original mimeographs or manuscripts, some are in Russian and some in English.

[Financial documents - Saskatchewan Branch]

This files consists of financial documents, such as annual reports, statements, receipts, letter and bills of sale of grain that refer to financial operations of the CCUB branch in Saskatchewan between years 1928-1934, with year 1929 with the most documents. Documents are authored or refer to M. Cazakoff and F. I. Arishchenkoff. Some documents refer to P. P. Verigin (Chistiakov or Petriushka). Most of the documents are original mimeographs with handwritten notes. There are a few manuscript documents, as well as receipts and bills of sale have handwritten information on them. All documents are in Russian, except one in English.

[Account book]

This file consists of an account book in scribbler, ca. 50 pages, mostly dating from 1930-1931 seemingly for John Evashen. Includes some laid in documents signed by him or made out to him.

[Financial document]

This file consists of an accounting sheet. This document is handwritten in Russian. Translation of the list title reads: List of unsubscribed base of Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood. The document lists towns as well as other entities, and their accounts summaries for years 1934, 1935, 1936.

[Financial reports]

This file consists of annual income and expenditure reports that account for the financial transactions of the CCUB operation in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Winnipeg. All original mimeographed documents in Russian.

[Financial documents]

This file consists of financial documents: receipts, invoices, cheques, purchase orders, accounting memoranda dated 1917 through 1937. Documents appear to originate in Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Washington state in USA. The Canadian Pacific Express Company, The Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood Limited (CCUB, Grand Forks and Brilliant, B.C., various administrative department) and the Union Commercial Co. (Danville, Washington) are amongst the issuing bodies of items in this file. Some items reveal prices paid for everyday commodities, such as fruit, cheese, chocolate and coffee. Internal financial memoranda authored by the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood of Canada Limited, British Columbia Commercial-Industry Branch (Brilliant, B.C.) show prices paid to individual record transactions involving a Sam. N. Zeibin (variously spelled Zibin, Zibbin, Zebin, Ziebin). Documents are in Russian and English.

[Ledger (Lundbreck, Alberta)]

This file consists of manuscript accounting book containing accounts of individuals and businesses, grain tallies, etc. This file contains important record of all financial aspects of the community, with records of loans made within the community, wages for services, shipments of various products to other Doukhobor communities in Alberta and BC, and moneys dispersed on behalf of Peter Verigin. This file also contains some laid in documents.

[V.A. Makasaeff's writings]

This file consists of a report recounting the visit of Minister W. J. Bowser to the Doukhobor community in 1914, a mandate to the youth, a circular letter and an appeal all addressed to the Doukhobor community. All documents are original mimeographs in Russian.


This file consists of printed broadsides in Russian language including: “Ko vsem pusskim zhiteliam kanady” signed in type by N. Solomcoe of Toronto and addressed to Doukhobors and other Canadians of Russian decent to be sympathetic to the Soviet cause (1938) and “Vsem, vsem bratiami sestram dukhobortsam” signed in type by Fedor Konkin and Valdimir Kazakov (Cazakoff) explaining how the the Communist sympathetic political alliances of Canada are appealing to the Doukhobors (1938-1940?) as well as ”Call of the central committee to the members of the Russian Workers' and Farmers' Club and to all Russian Canadians”(1939) accompanying by English translation. In addition, this file contains English language broadside titled “What does Doukhobor signify?” (1940?)

Financial records

This sub-series consists of documents of financial nature that include: correspondence, reports, statements, receipts, purchase orders, bills of sales, accounting books. These documents were created by the CCUB executive members in branch offices in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Washington State in USA. These sub-series also contains legal documentation that relate to the financial operations of the CCUB and its members. Most of the documents in this sub-series are original mimeographs, some with handwritten notes, as well as there is some handwritten documents. Most documents are in Russian and some are in English.

[Writings, articles, song]

This file consists of writings, articles, letters, song, accounts by various authors including: I. Barisoff, Biriukoff, P. Sergieveski. These documents relate to the history and aspects of ideology of the Doukhobor community. Some of the documents include: Plan of activity of the Brotherhood by Biriukoff; an account of Relocation of Larion Kalmykov to Caucasus; an excerpt from publication with letters by [Peter V. Verigin?]; article: Trista let s…, (1912); writing: Doukhobor answer to the veterans resolution of Feb. 13th 1919: Toil and peaceful life; Doukhobors on the Crossroads. Also, it contains a text of Doukhobor song “Pesnia” printed on the original CCUB of Alberta Limited letterhead. This file contains a few original mimeographs, but most of the documents are photocopies. Most of the documents are in Russian, except for three in English.


This sub-series consists of the reports, writings, speeches, talks, addresses, mandate, manual, texts of songs created on behalf of the CCUB by its executive members. These documents relate to the history and ideology of the Doukhobor communities and its leaders and were written for the benefit of the communities. This sub-series contains both original mimeographed and manuscript documents as well as photocopies of documents. Most documents are in Russian and a few in English.

[Chronology of events 1927-1933]

This file consists of a timeline of events relating to the arrival of P. P. Verigin in Canada, his life as a leader of the CCUB and the Doukhobor community from 1927-1933.

[Documents about war]

This file consists of mimeographed documents illustrating the Doukhobor attitude towards war and soldiers. A couple of documents are signed by S. Vereshchagin and S. Reibin (Ribin).

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