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Archival description
F-110 · Collection · [after 1898] - [200-]

The Apiculture (beekeeping) collection is an artificial grouping of documentary materials relating to the methods, science and culture of beekeeping. The collection was established by the SFU Archives as a complement to its other holdings relating to apiculture, such as the fonds of the British Columbia Honey Producers' Association (F-147), and the papers of SFU faculty member Mark Winston (F-174).

The collection consists of publications, conference proceedings, minutes, correspondence, photographs, and moving images. Material includes government publications, correspondence and registers of provincial beekeepers in British Columbia; published research articles, presentations and reports; course outlines and course material relating to the Bee Masters program and honey judging in British Columbia; photographs of various BC beekeeping activities and personalities; copies of meeting minutes and other records of various beekeeping associations in British Columbia and Canada; moving images featuring beekeeping activities and topics; and various subject files relating to the history of beekeeping in BC.

Association records
F-110-1 · Series · ca. 1922, 1952 - 2005
Part of Apiculture (beekeeping) collection

Series primarily comprises copies of records created by a number of associations currently or formerly active in the field of beekeeping. Records consist of association constitutions, meeting minutes, proceedings, newsletters, correspondence, and other documents.

Series is arranged into 6 sub-series:

  1. British Columbia Commercial Beekeepers Association
  2. Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturalists
  3. Canadian Beekeepers' Council
  4. Fraser Valley Pollinators' Association
  5. Provincial Apiarists' Association
  6. Other associations
Bee Masters Program
F-110-2-2 · Sub-series · 1955 - 2003
Part of Apiculture (beekeeping) collection

Sub-series comprises material relating to the Bee Masters program. Bee Masters is an intensive course in advanced beekeeping sponsored by the British Columbia ministry responsible for agriculture. The first course was held in 1955. Since around 1986, it has been held at Simon Fraser University and offered jointly by the BC government and SFU's Department of Biological Sciences. Early courses were lengthier to include a field trip to a beekeeping location, while later courses dropped the field trip component and thus shortened to five days in length. Documents include the first written examinations from 1955 and 1958, course outlines, lectures, articles, participant and speakers lists, evaluations, forms, correspondence, pamphlets, and other course material.

F-110-7-0-0-1 · File · 1918 - 1982, 1999
Part of Apiculture (beekeeping) collection

File represents a bound volume of newspaper clippings pertaining primarily to BC beekeeping history, but also to apiculture-related issues in general. Clippings are mainly from BC newspapers, but there are also some from other provinces and international sources. Leaves of the volume are labelled chronologically by year, but the 1940s and 1950s are grouped together. Clippings through the 1970s are sporadic. Up to the 1940s, newspaper clippings are affixed to the leaves with tape or adhesive. Thereafter, clippings are held loosely between the leaves and additional materials have been added including some correspondence, photographs, and pamphlets.

F-110-3-2 · Sub-series · 1958 - 1983
Part of Apiculture (beekeeping) collection

Sub-series comprises inward and outward correspondence by various government employees, including Harvey Boone (Apiary Inspector), John Corner (Provincial Apiarist), Doug McCutcheon (Apiary Specialist), and others, on various issues affecting BC apiculture and inspections. Records include correspondence, reports, and supporting documentation.

F-110-3-3 · Sub-series · 1948 - 1988
Part of Apiculture (beekeeping) collection

Sub-series comprises newsletters issued by the Apiary branch of the BC Department of Agriculture and later the BC Ministry of Agriculture. Records include Bee-Wise: Timely Hints on Beekeeping, the Apiary Branch Newsletter, and the Apiculture Newsletter.

F-110-3-4 · Sub-series · 1925 - 1975, 1986
Part of Apiculture (beekeeping) collection

Sub-series comprises publications, legislation, and forms issued or used by the BC Department of Agriculture and later by the BC Ministry of Agriculture, pertaining to apiculture-related topics and issues. Records include bulletins, circulars, pamphlets, publications, legislation, and blank forms.